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[Blogger Lynn Livia] My very First Facial in her Life!


Every girl wants a pretty and flawless face. Who hates flawless face? Of course, I want my skin to look good to regain my confidence. I'm not those type of person who'll go facial treatment because I think I don't need any. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. Just recently, pimples popped out everyday, even my neck! I feel really depressed and upset. In my 20 years of my life, never been so depressed before. Don't even feel like going out!

Just then, Bianca Zen offered me to go this facial treatment review by Jean Yip. I was surprised and agreed immediately! So few days ago, I went to do a facial treatment at Jean Yip Hub located at Choa Chu Kang, LOT 1. #02-22.

Read on to find out my experience of the very first facial in my life!

Kind of amaze that the shop located at Lot 1. It is nicely furnished and huge! 

To be honest with you, I've never been to Jean Yip before.

Felicia, spoke to me and explained all the things that appear on the screen. 


And she analyzed that I have 3 issues:

1. Dark eye ring. (Yes I admit I sleep late every night =/)

2. Dry and oily skin at the same time.

1. Oil clogs (If I'm not wrong), that is clogged underneath my skin and it makes my skin look dull and unhealthy.

And she told me that it's really important that you cleanse your face thoroughly with make-up remover. I'm seriously a lazy person, so I don't clean it properly and ta da... pimples popped out everyday so I have dull skin...

So girls, don't be lazy and start taking care of your FACE AND SKIN NOW!

Consultation is required before the treatment to analyse and understand the skin condition of the customer. Skin specialist will then design and customize the suitable treatment for the customer in order to target the skin problems faced by the customer. R6 Customized Face Treatment is customised to combat and solve customer’s skin problems to achieve flawless and radiant skin.

Jean Yip does not believe one size fit all and hence, the consultation plays a crucial role in understanding customer’s needs and requirements for an effective customized treatment.

After she explained everything to me in details which lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, I was brought into a room for the treatment!

Me in the room before the treatment.

Haha I look so happy here. Really excited! First in my life time doing facial. LOL.


Cosy place. Changed and get ready!!

As I'm not able to write down any notes while doing the treatment, I will just briefly tell you what the beautician did during the treatment.

After she remove my makeup, she applied something cold on my face. She told me it's to make my face glow. This takes quite awhile then she continue to explained and put on seaweed mask for me, about 15 minutes. After that she peeled it off, she then continue the treatment named "R6 Skin Revolution”, she said it's to make the dirt outta my face! I was given a mirror to see the before and after result. The beautician was really experienced and provide me with information about every procedure.

During the facial, the beautician did a massaging session for me. So nice! She also trimmed eyebrow for me and when she finished, I was given a mirror again to see if I'm satisfied with it.

After the treatment I can really see the glow on my face and I feel so radiant on my skin! One result which I am very happy with~

Me after the treatment. Without makeup. No edit!

One last shot.

I was given a consultation again after my treatment to understand more about what to expect subsequently and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to make my skin look healthier!

Girls, it's never too late to start taking care of your skin! If you think that you don't need any treatment because you have moisturizer or those expensive products to keep your face clean at home, then you're wrong. Yes, with your products you may look good on the outside, but they can't really cleanse the dirt underneath your skin. Remember, when dirt clogged underneath your skin, your face will look dull and unhealthy. So book a appointment with Jean Yip now!

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