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K-Beauty Review: Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara & Art Class Pencil Eraser [Video]


Korean makeup brand, Too Cool For School, is known for their unique and creatively packaged product that revolves around a school-inspired theme. This ingenious concept together with the quality of its products has continuously placed Too Cool For School at the forefront of not only the Korean beauty industry but on the global platform as well. Watch Chanel's review on Too Cool for School Escalator Mascara & Art Class Pencil Eraser.

Too Cool For School - Art Pencil Remover

The brand's eye makeup corrector, the Art Class Pencil Eraser, continues it's line of interesting and effective products. Designed to look like its namesake, an art pencil, this product enables an easy retouching of makeup around the eyes and sensitive areas.

The product has 2 tips on each end. The wax tip is used as an eraser on the areas where makeup mistakes occur after which, the other tip which is like a sponge is used to dab any residue. The Art Class Pencil Remover easily removes water-proof eye makeup and is suitable for users of any level.

Perhaps the only drawback is when used, it also removes the foundation makeup that's been applied on the face. Nonetheless, the Art Class Pencil Remover still makes an interesting addition to one's makeup correction needs. Being portable means easy access when one needs it, anywhere anytime. Too Cool For School's Art Class Pencil Remover certainly lives up to its name and looks set to be a staple for many out there.

Too Cool For School - Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara

The Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara from one of Korea's leading makeup brand, Too Cool For School, is another item in the long line of the brand's creatively packaged and effective range of products. The brand's extensive range has been the choice of many women across the demographics and these demands continue to fuel the rise of Too Cool For School's popularity.

The Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara has a unique function. The length can be adjusted with a simple twist of the handle to fit the need of the user. When lengthened, the mascara creates a clean long lash and when shortened, bold volume is created. This welcomed and ingenious function certainly provides users options.

Its multi-proof technology ensures no smudging or flaking. The Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara is also easily cleansed off with warm water and together with its long-lasting capability renders it an essential addition to any makeup needs.

The Dinoplatz Mascara is also suitable for all skin type and besides its primary function as a beautifying product, its ingredients, collagen and allantoin, gives elasticity and sooth tired lashes.

Dinoplatz - The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Health & Beauty, 3rd Place

"Dinoplatz is a new makeup line from 'Too Cool For School'. Considering the small number of total products of the Dinoplatz line (10 items), it took the somewhat long period of 10 months for the completion of the design planning and packaging development. With the suggestion of the art director the main concept was decided, and according to the characteristics of each item a new package structure was developed. In accordance with the packaging, we hired an illustrator to develop ways to maximize the completeness of the package."

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