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Review on Soft Pastel Hair Chalk [Video]


A new quick and easy way to change your hair colour for a Christmas party or the New Year's Eve bash - HAIR CHALKING!

All you need are non-oil-based pastels, a water bottle, protective gloves, towels and a flat iron. Wet the hair area first. Apply the chalk on the strands. Apply downwards. When you are done, air dry instead of using a blow dryer so that the chalk will not get blown off. Seal the colour with a flat or curling iron.

If you want to make the colour pop even more, use white chalk as the base. Also, for those with blonde hair, do not wet your hair first. Apply on dry hair. For those with dark coloured hair, opt for a more vibrant shade such as white or pink.

Most importantly, if you have hair chalk on, no matter how light the rain is, run for shelter. Pronto.

Have fun and go crazy!