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6 Korean IG Accounts to Follow for Easy Hairstyling Videos


Stop leaving your house with unkempt hair already. Your beautiful makeup needs a well-styled hair to complete the look.

Credit: Instagram kkim_sunn/ soonshiki_cookie/ dabin0218

Many Singaporean women tend to skip hairstyling (worse still for those who leave home with hair that is dripping wet) when they are getting ready in the morning out of sheer laziness or the lack of inspiration. Regardless of whether you are sporting the latest Korean bob, the mid-length lob, or waist-length locks, here are 6 Instagram accounts that you want to follow for easy hairstyling tutorials.


1. my.o_  



2. kkim_ssun 



3. soonsiki_cookie



 4. jju_dresser 


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5. dabin0218 




 6. mj.oo0