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A Guide to Taking Care of Your Chemically Damaged Hair


Which girl doesn't dream of a full head of luscious hair a la Rapunzel? Oh well, maybe not that long. However, all those perming and colouring (worse still if you bleached it) works that you did on them ain't going to help you realize that dream. Raise your hand if your hair is now dry and dull after all those chemical processes you put them through.

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Nowadays, it is hard to find anyone who didn't add a little highlight or done some hair rebonding to her hair. But the sad news is, any kind of chemical treatments on our hair will weaken our hair structure and cause our hair to be dry and brittle over time. If you are just like me, now having to deal with a head of dry and damaged hair, here are some tips for you to put the health back into your tresses.

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1. Try to avoid hot styling tools

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High heat can further damage hair and make it look like a heap of dry hay. But we do know that some form of blowing or hot ironing is required before you step out of your house, because nobody really wants to be seen with a bed-head, more so if you have frizzy and damaged hair. Tip: Set the temperature of your hair dryer or styling tools to a lower heat to reduce the stress on your hair.


2. Stop all chemical treatments for a while

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If your hair is already damaged, it is only common sense to stay away from all chemical processes for a while for your hair to recover. Any more of those and you will only see your hair in a worse situation than before. But we do understand that black roots growing out can be unsightly. But if you really need a dye job, head to Topp Care for hair colouring services since Topp Care only uses high quality, natural ingredients in their hair dye.

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3. Protect your hair from the sun

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If you are just in the sun for short periods of the time, this isn't a cause for concern. But if you are an avid swimmer, the effects of chlorine and the sun together may cause further damage to your already weak mane. You don't have to quit swimming altogether, but do remember to put on a swimming cap for your swims. Besides that, it is also important to rinse out the chlorine from your hair before you go back to the sun for your suntanning session. 


4. Use hair treatment mask regularly

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It is time to use something stronger than your regular conditioner to repair your hair. Use a hair treatment mask at least twice a week to intensively moisturize your hair. There are a variety of products to choose from and you can purchase them easily at our regular department stores and pharmacies. If you are not too sure how to pick one that is suitable for you, you can always ask your hair stylist for advice. Alternatively, get a Hair Treatment for Damaged/Coloured Hair at Topp Care, where they use top-quality plant extracts to soothe and protect your hair. This intensive treatment for hair strengthens dry, brittle and chemically treated hair. 


5. Good health is the basis of looking beautiful

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And that goes for your hair too. The health of our hair depends on our food intake and overall general well-being. It is important to have a balanced diet and keep in mind that foods like lean meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy products do help to keep our hair healthy too. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be essential for great hair and skin so it is recommended to include foods like flaxseeds, salmon, and walnuts in your diet. If you think that your diet is less than perfect, do ask your doctor for suitable health supplements to improve your health, and your hair.


Topp Care Hair Solutions

If you are in need of some help to care for your damaged hair, Topp Care offers a wide range of treatments specially created to address specific hair and scalp conditions. The uniqueness of Topp Care’s treatments lies in the infusion of natural ingredients including high-quality plant extracts and selected medicinal herbs, so that your hair is well-taken care of, and you do not have to worry about piling on more chemicals onto your hair.


Signature treatments

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3. Energising Scalp Mask - Hair Regeneration

4. Treatment for Damaged/Coloured Hair

Administered by professionally qualified therapists, the steps in each treatment incorporate the use of products made of high-quality natural ingredients with properties that promote hair growth and scalp health. “Hair-friendly” plant extracts like aloe vera, burdock, ginko and thyme form the key composition of the ampoules, masks, shampoos and conditioners. Selected products can even be purchased for home use as an extension to the treatments to achieve a more holistic result.


Chemical-free hair colouring service

To inject life to the hair, Topp Care also offers hair colouring as a value-added service for customers who desire a refreshed and vibrant look. The colour range carries the most updated shades of black, brown and red. 


Transparent Fixed Pricing 

If you are annoyed by all the add-on pricings of salon treatments, you will be glad to know that Topp Care’s treatments are all fixed at an affordable rate. Regardless of which treatment we choose, the charge is only $60* (promotional price from now until end November, after which treatments will be charged at $80 each.). Customers can confidently walk into Topp Care without the fear of having to sign up hefty packages that cost thousands of dollars. Now, having a head of thick and healthy hair through professional care does not necessarily equate to burning a hole in the wallet.

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*inclusive of GST; excluding hair colouring which is charged according to hair’s length.