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Achieve Beautiful Hair with Organic Argan Oil and Beauty Keratin


Most of us style our hair with heat and put our hair through chemical processes frequently, and we are always on the quest for good hair products and treatments to give our tresses the tender loving care that they deserve. 

Before heading to your favourite salon for hair treatments to get your smooth and shiny locks back, the first step is to hair care is picking the right hair products for daily use at home. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type and make sure that there are no harmful ingredients like silicon and parabens in them.


Moist Diane, Japan's no. 1 silicon-free haircare brand, just launched its new Perfect Beauty series in Singapore. This series features a combination of the best of nature and science with each range enriched with ECOCERT certified Organic Argan oil and customised Beauty Keratin to suit the different hair concerns of Asian women. Other than being silicone-free and sulfate-free (except Extra Fresh series), the Perfect Beauty series is also paraben-free and colour-safe, providing only the best care for your hair. On top of its enhanced benefits, Diane Perfect Beauty series is also featured in a newly designed pump bottle with the brand’s trademark diamond-shaped pattern, resembling a luxurious fragrance bottle.


Benefits of organic argan oil

Organic argan oil moisturises our hair and gives our hair the nutrition it needs, leaving our strands smooth and silky. If the word "oil" freaks you out, reminding you of greasy hair, fret not. Organic argan oil does not leave our hair feeling heavy and greasy.

Benefits of Beauty Keratin

Frequent exposure to UV rays, heat and chemical treatments cause our hair to lose keratin. Like collagen for our skin, Beauty Keratin puts keratin back into our hair to give it strength and elasticity.


Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series comes in six different ranges for different hair types.


Do visit the pop-up stores to find out more and experience the new Moist Diane Perfect Beauty series.

Bugis Junction

Level 1 Atrium 
Hylam Street
16-22 July 2018
10am to 10pm

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26-27 July 2018
11am to 3pm