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Combat Grey Hair the Natural Way


When our hair turns grey, one of the most instinctive reaction is to dye it in its original colour. This comes with a host of other unfavourable concerns like having frizzy hair and a dry scalp. If you prefer a natural solution to turn your grey hair black again, look to the new Phyto RE30 by leading plant-based hair care brand PHYTO.

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Our hair turns grey because of a lack of pigmentation and a depigmentation of existing melanin. When this happens, the hair structure also changes, becoming unruly, breakable and prone to frizz.


Phyto RE30 is a revolutionary formula with 98% plant extracts to fight natural hair whitening by repigmentation and protecting it from future depigmentation. It has a proven efficacy of 77% less grey hair (based on a clinical study on 32 volunteers who applied it daily).

Phyto RE30 contains a unique molecule called Peptide RE30 to increase melanin synthesis and melanin transfer to help stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth, so that the hair grows back naturally pigmented at the roots without any external colouring agent.

The antioxidant-rich purple tulip extract found in Phyto RE30 strengthens the hair by acting on the proteins at the heart of the hair fiber to preserve the hair structure and help it regain suppleness.

Simply apply 8 sprays to dry or wet scalp once a day.  Massage it into the scalp for a better penetration of the product and leave it on. You can expect to see results 6 to 8 weeks after the first application.

Each bottle of Phyto RE30 retails at $100 for 50ml, which lasts for about a month.