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[G-Fair X Made in Korea 2019] A 3-In-1 Contact Lens Case for Healthy Eyes and Convenient Lens Wear


Most eye infections with contact lens wear came about when we touch our lenses with dirty hands, and that is really the last thing we want. When we chanced upon this 3-in-1 contact lens case by Lens Wear 렌즈웨어 at G-Fair X Made in Korea 2019 (MIK 2019), we had to find out more about it since it acts as a steriliser and a no-touch contact lens insertion device at the same time.

Lens Wear 렌즈웨어 G-Fair Made in Korea MIK 2019

Credit: Lens Wear 렌즈웨어

A lens case is just a lens case and it got us wondering how different it could be. Lens Wear contact lens case isn't just for contact lens storage, but it comes with UV light to kill germs and bacteria on the lenses, and it also comes with an applicator to help us to pick up our lenses from the solution, opens up our eyes and place the contact lens onto our eyes, and all these are done without having our fingers touching the lenses. 

Confusing much? Don't worry, we interviewed the brand representation from Lens Wear 렌즈웨어 in the video below, and let him tell you more about it.