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[G-Fair X Made in Korea 2019] Change Water into Hydrogen-Infused Water with This Face Mist Device


To put it simply, hydrogen water is achieved by infusing extra hydrogen ions into the water, and it is one of the biggest beauty trends in 2019 to mist our skin with hydrogen water since it comes with many skin benefits, like anti-aging, anti-bacterial, skin hydration, and skin brightening.  


Instead of buying bottles of hydrogen water (which isn't exactly easy to find) and splattering them onto your skin, we found a better way for you to reap the benefits of hydrogen water on your skin.

H2Liang, a hydrogen skincare mist that we spotted at G-Fair X Made in Korea 2019 (MIK 2019) converts your normal water into hydrogen water with its special hydrogen infusion method and turns into an ultra-fine mist for better absorption into our skin. All you need to do is to pour some water into the device, wait a few seconds for the hydrogenation to complete, and there! You have your own hydrogen face mist. However, the brand representative did mention that mineral water is recommended instead of using water straight from the tap.

Watch the video below to see how the device works.