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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home


We are all practising social distancing to flatten the COVID-19 curve and heading out to nail salons to get our manicures done isn't exactly the best option right now.

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home 

However, we can still keep our nails looking pretty even when we are staying at home because it really isn't that hard to DIY. Painting our nails in our favourite shades shouldn't be an issue (well, to most of us at least) but if you are stuck with gel polish on your nails, they aren't the easiest to remove without visiting a salon. Peeling your gel nail polish off is a big no no too, because that will remove layers of your nail together with it and weaken your nails. 

It's not all gone case, though. Follow these steps to safely remove your gel nail polish in the comfort of your home.


1. Protect your hands

Before you touch all the chemicals, apply some moisturiser of cuticle oil on your hands to shield your skin. 


2. File off the top layer 

You shouldn't be filing off all your nail polish but just the top layer of your gel nail polish.


3. Acetone treatment

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home 

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You need a bottle of 100% pure acetone to bade your gel nail polish goodbye and you can easily purchase them online. We did the footwork for you and found one that on Shopee that has got very good reviews here. That said, remember to find a well-ventilated space before getting started so that you are not breathing in all the acetone.

Soak cotton balls or cotton pads in your acetone solution, and place the soaked cotton on your nails, and wrap them with aluminium foil. Wait for 15 minutes.


4. Rub gently with the soaked cotton

Gently rub the soaked cotton onto your gel nail polish to remove as much of them as possible.


5. Remove the residue

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home 

Credit: New Expression Nails

Use an orange stick to gently scrape off whatever gel nail polish that is still sticking on your nails.


How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

Credit: Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Once you are done, put on a new coat of happy colour and remember to moisturise your hands!