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I Can't Leave the House without Makeup On!


Celebrities have been jumping on the bandwagon and showing their #BareFace moments on Instagram. However, we know of many women around us who wouldn't leave the house without some makeup on. Being happy and confident ladies, why not? We interviewed Stefanie to find out more.

Stefanie Lee, 24, Creative Content Producer


Why can’t you go out without makeup?

I’ve just been so reliant on makeup to hide my facial blemishes and give me a self-esteem boost that the thought of having others look at me without makeup on makes me super insecure. What if people think I look like a totally different person without makeup on? This is probably my biggest concern.

I’ve had people telling me I look the same with and without makeup and they’ve even encouraged me to let my pores breathe a little. But as comforting as their words may be, I still need a little foundation on at least. When I look good, I feel good, so I pretty much thrive on that for self-confidence

How old were you when you first started putting on makeup?

I think I started during my early Poly days – that was when I got a little more self-conscious about my appearance. Not that I had really bad breakouts but my main concern was and still is my facial redness and some acne scars.

Do you remember what were the makeup items you first used?

I started with foundation only as I was looking for facial blemish coverage. I’ve always been using ZA Two-way foundation because it’s suitable for my sensitive skin. I don’t pile up a ton of makeup either – mostly just foundation, a little concealer, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and eyebrow pencil.

When did you notice that you will not leave the house without makeup?

In the midst of my three years in Poly I think – can’t remember exactly when. Makeup started becoming the boost I needed for my self-esteem whenever I was out. I guess you could say I was embarrassed about my skin condition.

What about stayovers with friends?

That wasn’t really a problem for me because we were really close and they had seen me without makeup prior.

What about your future boyfriend? Will you be comfortable around him without makeup on?

If you asked me this three years ago, I would have given you a flat-out no! Haha. But I think I’m slowly beginning to get more comfortable with going out bare-faced so it isn’t as daunting now. So, yup – I don’t see myself having to put on makeup every time I meet my boyfriend.

What is the minimum you have to have on you face before going downstairs to perhaps, run an errand?

On days I feel like I really have to, just a little foundation.

Is it a must to have makeup on when you are going for a workout?

Up till recently, yes, I still put on some foundation. But now I’ve started going all bare!


Would you go out without any makeup on? Leave a comment below and let us know!