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[Made in Korea 2019] a Body Wash to Clear Your Back Acne


Having acne on your face is bad enough, and some of us are just so unfortunate that they have to end up on our back too.

Credit: @halemalie

Back acne, commonly called "bacne" for short, happens when you have breakouts on your back. Some ladies, or even gentlemen too, may feel conscious about it and avoid clothes that show their backs. The severity of the bacne can range from a few isolated spots to clusters, and it is best to treat them before they leave permanent scars on your back.

There are many acne skin products in the market that are meant for our face. Most of us double them up as bacne treatments since there aren't really products that cater specifically to bacne in the market. However, when we were at "Made in Korea 2019" (MIK 2019), we were introduced to Hale Malie Body Wash that was made to clear up bacne. How awesome is that?

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A post shared by 홈 에스테틱 프리미엄 브랜드 하레마리 (@halemalie) on Oct 2, 2019 at 10:00pm PDT

Hale Malie Acne Body Wash comes in two different scent — Coconut Lemon and Grass Leaf. Both work in the same way, unplugging the clogged sebum in our pores on our body, thoroughly cleansing the pores to prevent inflammation that causes acne. It helps in sebum control but also provides long-lasting moisture to our skin to prevent sensitivity from dryness.

Hale Malie products are available only in Korea and Vietnam so we can't get them on our little red dot yet. Let's hope that they will be making their way onto our shores and meanwhile, get your travelling friends to purchase them for you, or get one the next time you travel to the two countries mentioned above.