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[Made in Korea 2019] Do We Really Need a Perfume for Our Intimate Area?


"How to make your Vagina Smell & Taste Delicious" is one of those articles with the highest hits on our website even after so many years. And that totally showed how important it is to women.

How To Vagina Smell Good

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Keeping a healthy lifestyle definitely helps to keep your intimate area smell fresh (or at least not have a foul odour), and it is common knowledge that we should not spray any perfume down there since synthetic fragrances can upset the balance and the pH balance of our V-zone, which is counter-effective. 

How to Vagina Smell Good

While we know that our intimate areas have self-cleansing mechanisms and there is no need for special cleansers, many ladies are still looking for the elixir to help them smell good down there. When we were in Seoul for "Made in Korea 2019" (MIK 2019), we saw an interesting product that will do just that job. Hale Malie Secret Therapy (Pink Edition) is an oil-type essence to keep the vagina area smelling fresh, even during our period.

Drip one or two drops of Hale Malie Secret Therapy (Pink Edition) onto your underwear, or when you are having your period, on your sanitary pad. On top of keeping your vagina smelling good, the essence has anti-bacterial properties to make sure that your intimate zone is bacteria-free.

Hale Malie Secret Therapy (Pink Edition) is now available in Korea and Vietnam, but has yet to make its way into Singapore. So before Hale Malie manages to find a distributor in Singapore, you can only get your hands on their products in the two countries mentioned above.