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[Made in Korea 2019] The V-Zone Cleanser for Your Intimate Area


The V-zone, and sometimes called the Y-zone as well, refers to the intimate areas of both men and women.

Dr. Age Re-Lu-Cent Inner Cleanser Made in Korea MIK 2019 

It is the norm to use one soap for our body when we are showering but in recent years, V-zone cleansers are emerging in the market, with brands saying that there is a need to used a separate cleanser for our V-zones. Is that really necessary, or is that just another marketing gimmick? I'll leave you to decide.

While we were in Korea for "Made in Korea 2019", Dr. Age's skincare line caught our attention. The brand carries a range of products, and one of their bestsellers happens to be their V-zone cleanser, the Re-Lu-Cent Inner Cleanser.  According to the brand consultant at MIK 2019, the two cleansers, one for male and one for female, are already launched in Vietnam and they are very popular there.

Dr. Age Re-Lu-Cent Inner Cleanser Made in Korea MIK 2019

Re-Lu-Cent Inner Cleanser helps to prevent inflammation and itching around our intimate area. It comes in a pH level of 4.5 which is the optimum pH condition for our V-zone to prevent irritation for a healthier V-zone. 

The red Dr. Age Re-Lu-Cent Inner Cleanser is for the ladies, and the one with the blue colour-code is for the gentlemen. Men's V-zone products are a rare sight but the brand consultant mentioned that it is equally important that men take care of their intimate region to prevent odour and irritation. I guess that will definitely put their partners off during the intimate moments!

Dr. Age skincare range carries other products like Toner Pads, Cleansing Foam, and Cleansing Balms which are popular in their domestic market as well.