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Stay Spotless with SK-II New Whitening Skincare


We have always talked about the effects of UV rays on skin aging and pigmentation. You may be applying sunblock religiously but it is really not enough to prevent photoaging, especially when Singapore lies just inches away from the equator.

Darkness and spots are some of the visible effects that are caused by UV damage, but do you know that there are also hidden damages that lurk beneath the skin surface? Hidden spots can take years before they appear on our skin surface. The hidden damages appear as 'clouds'  within the skin, blocking the skin's natural aura and radiance.
Just when we thought that women only lose skin radiance from their mid-thirties onwards, a long term SK-II study discovered that women lose radiance most dramatically in their 20s. Hidden spots and clouds cause skin appear darker and less radiant.

SK-II GenOptics whitening skincare series. 
From left: GenOptics Aura Essence, GenOptics Spot Essence
So what can we do the save our skin against the raging UV rays? SK-II launched its innovative new GenOptics whitening skincare series, which targets current and hidden spots and darkening caused by UV to give you a radiant aura for years to come. Containing an infusion of Prunus extract and Pitera, users of SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence saw visible improvement in skin tone and a significant reduction in age spots and cloudiness after 8 weeks of continuous usage. 

It's never to early to start your #AuraGoals. Look not only at the surface today. SK-II announced their updated Magic Ring technology with the inclusion of a 'Cloud Meter' to detect signs of UV damage, even for those that you cannnot see with your naked eyes. Book your Magic Ring consultation here if you want to know more. 
SK-II's GenOptics Aura Essence and GenOptics Spots Essence are availble at all SK-II counters in Singapore from March 2016.