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Super Junior's Shindong Shares His Weight Loss Journey


Super Junior's Shindong is one of those who doesn't fit into the mould of a typical K-pop star in the industry. He doesn't have that flower boy look, nor is he slim or muscular. However, talented Shindong has been very successful since the day he debuted with Super Junior 14 years ago, and has been one of the best dancers in K-pop. 

Super Junior Shindong Weight Loss K-pop

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Although he has always been the bigger one amongst K-pop stars, Shindong announced late last month that he will be trying to lose weight for health reasons, so that he can continue his career with Super Junior. He mentioned that he found it harder and harder to dance on stage and he was inspired by Yoo Jae Hwan who recently lost 32kg from a weight loss program. 


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Shindong added that he has been on many different kinds of diets throughout his career and his weight is always fluctuating. He recently hit his heaviest ever and he wasn't sure if he could lose weight on his own and so he sought professional help. “I’ve been eating a balanced diet with three meals a day and seeing the weight dropping even without exercise, I realized why I had been failing at my other diets. Through AI analysis, I was able to understand the state of my body and get professional consulting, and it’s so interesting and fun to watch my health improve through data.”


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Shindong's weight has dropped from 116kg to 99kg, losing 17kg in just one month! Now, that is an impressive feat, isn't it! He jokingly added that his stylist are having a headache finding new clothes for him now that he is so much slimmer. Apparently, this is not the end of the journey for him. He will continue on his weight loss journey and he said that isn't even halfway there yet.

We hope that Shindong will be successful and achieve his desired weight, and that he will stay healthy and happy too! *sings "다 같이 super clap!"*