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The 7 Beauty Sins You Need to Stop Committing ASAP


It's hard to break out of longtime habits be it out of comfort or laziness. However, if these are bad habits, and especially if they are from your beauty routine, you may want to re-look at them in case they cost you your flawless skin.


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Let this list be your guide to bid those beauty sins farewell and start on a clean slate for good beauty habits.


1. Not removing makeup

This has been said and reiterated over and over again. Not removing your makeup thoroughly is bad news for the skin in the long-run. Hitting the sack without proper cleansing simply dirty your sheets and clog your pores, resulting in breakouts and dull skin. If you are too lazy to use cotton pads and makeup removers, get those makeup removing wet tissues that are a breeze to use. 


2. Not wearing sunscreen


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Living on this little red dot, we are always exposed to UV rays and it is only common sense to apply sunblock every day and reapply it throughout the day. Not only do UV rays cause skin cancer, sun exposure also causes skin pigmentation and is one of the main causes all those signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.


3. Too much perfume

People around you are going to thank us for this reminder. As much as we want to present our best self, scent included, to everyone around us, too much of anything is never a good thing. A spritz of perfume is sweet and refreshing, but overdose on it and it can backfire and cause nausea. 


4. Popping pimples


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Don't be a pop star. We all know that it is going to cause infections and scarring so let your pimple cream do the job of getting rid of those bumps for you. Rather a long-term cure than a short-term one.


5. Stuck with one look for years

Are you still stuck with '00s pencil-thin eyebrows or the '90s lipliner look? If you realized that you have been sticking to one look for the past years, it is time to refresh your makeup style. Many women get too comfortable in one look that they forgot to move on with the times. That is how we tell you apart from your teenage daughter even if you have a great anti-aging routine and fantastic, youthful skin.


6. Not washing your makeup brushes and sponges


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All those expensive skin care products will be meaningless if you don't clean your makeup brushes and sponges regularly. They provide a warm and moist environment to breed bacteria and will cause your skin to breakout over time.


7. Wearing makeup to the gym

A concoction of makeup and perspiration sounds disastrous to me. Your body releases heat and toxins from your workout by dilating the pores and makeup will block the exit of the perspiration and toxins. Imagine having perspiration, toxins, and makeup all trap in your pores? You are asking for breakouts and skin irritations.