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The Beauty Christmas Gift Guide for Every Type of Girl


Truth to be told, each and every one of our loved ones is a unique individual with a unique personality, and buying generic Christmas gifts for everyone is, therefore, a big no no.

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We have that one friend who loves all things pink and lacy, but another who prefers hers classy and chic; and there's the one who loves K-pop everything, and the other whose style inspo is none other than Bella Hadid. Buying generic gifts for all our favourite girls is going to come across as being thoughtless and we have no heart to disappoint our BFFs like that. 

Before you stress yourself out in the malls and getting lost in the aisles with the huge Christmas shopping crowd getting gifts for your BFFs this Christmas, we have come up with a beauty Christmas gift guide for every type of girl you know. 


1. The workaholic

The workaholic is always on the go and typing away on her laptop or smartphone. She is checking her emails every other hour and clearing up her work to make sure everything is in the right place. 

sum37° All riseup In-Bloom Hand Cream Holiday Edition

Something that cares for her hands yet small enough to allow her to bring along in her bag makes the perfect gift for this lady. Try sum37° All riseup In-Bloom Hand Cream Holiday Edition because even the workaholic would want to get into the holiday mood with that festive packaging.


2. The sweetie pie

Miss Sweetie Pie is the little princess in our midst, always loving, and caring for everyone around her. She likes her things in light colours or pastel shades, and laces and ruffles may just be her best friends. 

sum37° Dear Flora Enchanted Lip Creamer (Blushing Pink) Holiday Edition 

A creamy lipstick in sweet pink will bring forth her personality so sum37° Dear Flora Enchanted Lip Creamer (Blushing Pink) Holiday Edition may just be the gift for her.


3. The K-pop star wannabe

She goes for Korean language classes once a week and goes home to Korean dramas after work every day. Spot her donning the latest Korean trends like a slip dress over a button down shirt, or oversized tops to recreate her idols' looks.

sum37° Air risingTF Dazzling Moist Micro Foam Cushion Holiday Edition

Korean ladies are known for their dewy complexions that they achieved with skin care and makeup. Get her the sum37° Air risingTF Dazzling Moist Micro Foam Cushion Holiday Edition to help her achieve that coveted dewy skin, and your K-pop star wannabe girl friend will thank you for this thoughtful gift that completes her whole look.


4. The classy lady

The classy lady is well-mannered, and the one to go to if you are not sure which cutlery to use for the different courses of your meals. She can tell the different type of wines apart with a sip, and you will never find her looking unkempt at any time of the day.

sum37° Dear Flora Enchanted Lip Glow (Warm Rose Red) Holiday Edition

Red lips spell confidence and class, and sum37° Dear Flora Enchanted Lip Glow (Warm Rose Red) Holiday Edition would be the perfect lipstick for her to match her classy dresses that she will usually wear.


5. The beauty junkie

She knows when the latest makeup launches are and is always the first in the group to try out a new beauty trend. Her vanity room looks like a corner of Sephora and refers to her favourite beauty YouTubers by their first name. Needless to say, her after-shower skin care routine is no less than 10 steps too.

sum37° Secret Essence Holiday Edition

The true beauty junkie knows that no amount of makeup will help you unless you have great skin. Gift your beauty junkie friend with the ultimate serum to show her all the love. sum37° Secret Essence helps to keep her skin hydrated and gives her the great skin that she would love to flaunt.


6. The party girl

This lady knows when to let her hair down to have a good time. She is all about working hard and playing hard and never ends the week without heading down for a party in town.

sum37° Secret Eye Cream & Secret Essence Mist Art Collaboration Set:
Secret Eye Cream 25ml
Secret Essence Mist 60ml
Secret Repair Toner 20ml
Secret Repair Emulsion 30ml
Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam 40ml

We all know how partying and late nights wreak havoc on our skin. Get your party girl a sum37° Secret Eye Cream & Secret Essence Mist Art Collaboration Set for her to pamper her skin after a long night at the club. She will especially love the sum37° Secret Essence Mist that is new in Singapore and not sold separately from this set. Spritz the mist on to enjoy the full benefits of the brand’s star product. In fact, it won’t be just useful for post-party skin care. She can even use it for the extra skin benefit over her makeup before she heads for her Friday night out.


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