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The Benefits of Double Cleansing for Your Skin


No, double cleansing doesn't mean washing your face twice when you are in the shower.


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There's more to double cleansing than washing your face twice. If you are one who wears makeup regularly, all the more you should include a second cleanse and reap all the benefits it brings.


How do we do double cleansing?

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Yes, it means cleansing x 2, but you will specifically need a cleansing oil and your regular cleanser. Gently massage the cleansing oil on your dry skin to dissolve your makeup and sunscreen and rinse it off with water to remove all the grime. Next, use your regular cleanser to wash your face one more time to make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed.


Double cleansing and its benefits 

1. Remove excess sebum and impurities

Excess sebum in our skin, when combined with impurities, is the perfect recipe for a blemish. A cleansing oil can lift the oil-based impurities and excess sebum effectively, and following up with another round of cleansing with your regular cleanser will ensure that all the last bit of impurities are removed. The second round of cleansing will clean deeper into the pores.  

2. Allows skin to regenerate

A single round of cleansing may not be sufficient to get rid of the makeup and sunscreen that you had on all day and if you have all that dirt sitting in your pores for the whole night, your skin cells may not be able to regenerate themselves while you rest at night, resulting in a dull and less than radiant complexion the next day.

3. Allows skincare products to penetrate better

A thorough cleanse in the evening will also up the efficacy of the skincare products as they penetrate better into our skin.


Should I double cleanse if I have oily skin?

Contrary to popular belief, using a cleansing oil can be beneficial for oily, or even acne skin. Sebum is important to skin health and stripping it away with harsh cleansers may cause our skin to react, and overproduce it, resulting in oily skin or even acne. With double cleansing, excess sebum is lifted off by the cleansing oil and while our skin is cleared of impurities, the oil production is still balanced.


The cleansing oils that you should try:


Mac Cosmetics Cleanse Off Oil 
Credit: Mac Cosmetics

An industry-strength oil-based makeup remover that is gentle on the skin. It is is mineral oil-free, and botanically formulated with olive oil, evening primrose and jojoba seed to leave skin feeling soft and silky-smooth. Simply massage into skin to remove even long-wearing makeup, including waterproof mascara. The gentle formula will emulsify upon contact with water and then rinse off cleanly and easily.

150ml. Retails at $51 it is available at Mac stores and Sephora.


SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil

Credit: SK-II

A rich formula of Pitera™ and Apple Seed extract that deeply cleanses pores and effectively eliminates even the most stubborn makeup, mascara and sunscreen. This 2-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover leaves skin clear and radiant.

250ml. Retails at $99 and it is available at SK-II counters and Sephora.


Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula

Credit: Shu Uemura

This cleansing oil is reformulated from its classic formula to significantly improve its ability to dissolve waterproof makeup, and its rosemary-based herbal aroma invigorates and leaves you feeling refreshed and energised.

450ml bottle retails at $115, 150ml bottle retails at $50. Available at Shu Uemura counters and Sephora.


Biore Cleansing Oil

Credit: Biore

Biore Cleansing Oil effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities. It leaves no greasy film on your face and maintains the skin's natural moisture balance. It does not emulsify upon contact with water, thus maintaining its optimal cleansing performance at all times. Just apply with dry or wet hands and rinse off with water for that clean and fresh feeling.

150ml. Retails at $17.90 and it is available at leading supermarkets and department stores.