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This Makeup Brush Holder Is Perfect for Those Who Watch Youtube Makeup Tutorials


There are so many makeup tutorials on Youtube and mastering all the different makeup looks are no longer an uphill task.

Credit: Youtube EP Style

Unlike the pre-Youtube era, where print magazines were the only places for women to learn the art of makeup, most women nowadays turn to Youtube to pick up makeup techniques with the many step-by-step makeup tutorials that we can find online. However, the struggle of trying to find a place on your vanity table to prop your smartphone as you follow the tutorial to do up your makeup is a real one.



Lo and behold, an Australian high school student, Juliette Davies, came up with a genius idea and designed a brush holder that is perfect for those of us who watch videos on our smartphones and do our makeup at the same time. In fact, it is not just perfect as a brush holder. You can use it to store stationary on your study table or work desk, and it is still the perfect holder for your smartphone when your watch your dramas just because it comes with an angled phone stand.



“I came up with this idea because I encountered this need myself, struggling to stand up my phone to watch tutorials or videos while I do my makeup,” says Davies. “I was also completing my high school design project at the time, so I was always on the lookout possible innovative design solutions and I wanted to incorporate this into my project.” (source: New Beauty)

This makeup brush holder is now available on Etsy.