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[Blogger Claire] Topp Care – Dandruff & Hair Loss Rescue


I usually give myself 1-2 months before committing to a product or treatment. But this time round, without any further consideration, I paid $99 for a Hair Fall Rescue Lotion from Topp Care Hair Solution.

I've only used the Hair Fall Rescue Lotion for a few days so I can't see any drastic difference yet but do let me monitor for a month or two first before sharing with you guys again.

Today I want to talk about my scalp treatment but before that, I would like to share with you some hair washing tips that I've learnt during my trip to Topp Care.

Tips that I have learnt at Topp Care:

  1. Do not use your fingernails on your scalp as it will damage the scalp
  2. Do not apply the shampoo directly onto your head, instead, rub them until foam forms and then apply to your wet hair
  3. Do not apply conditioner on your scalp but only to the hair ends
  4. Use warm water so that the follicles will open up and dirt and oil can be removed
  5. Blow your hair dry before you sleep

These are great tips given by Helen, the manager of Topp Care. I am following her tips because I want to start taking care of my hair. I can't afford to drop any more hair. I have stopped taking Brand X hair supplements because I think relying on that isn't going to help me in the long run. So now I will try to take good care of my hair, eat healthily and sleep earlier.

If you take injections and pills for hair growth, it will probably help for a while but once you stop taking them, the hair fall will be much worse. So if possible, please avoid these 2 methods. For the record, the pills that I'm talking about is different from supplements, it is those illegal ones that you can't really get here.

Last Saturday, I had my first treatment at Topp Care and I'm really amazed at the results. Not that I am selling their treatment but there was a significant difference reflected on the scan!

This is the scan I did before the treatment.

Redness. Redness is not my real problem because I slept at 2am the previous day. Helen shared that redness usually occurs if we sleep very late. *guilty* Other than that, hair follicles are blocked, dandruff and signs of hair thinning. :( *stress*

After the scan, Helen recommendedDetoxdren Scalp Mask based on the results of the scan. Detoxdren Scalp mask is recommended for people with dandruff and oily scalp problems. This intensive treatment balances excessive oiliness leaving hair light and clean. It also renews and strengthens hair follicles while calming the scalp. Scalp becomes healthier and hair becomes healthy, shiny and more manageable.

Here I am, excited for my hair treatment!! Topp Care's treatments are all at a fixed price!

Marcus started by spraying oil onto my scalp for blood circulation.

Relaxing and cooling which explains why I'm smiling!

The spray!

Marcus then applied mask onto my scalp to deep cleanse my scalp. A very comfortable process, it is very refreshing!

This looked like egg yolk but it's all made by Topp Care.

The main ingredients include:


  • Helps to perfectly moisturize hair shafts
  • Enhances scalp protective properties against UV radiation
  • Stimulates collagen production

Horse Chestnut

  • Natural protection against the sun
  • Promotes blood circulation of the scalp

After leaving on for 20 minutes, it's time for the hair wash.

Marcus proceeded to do a scalp massage/ acupressure after washing and conditioning my hair.

Other than being a relaxing and comfortable process, scalp massage also improves blood circulation and easier absorption for products

Once we are done with the hair wash, Marcus blow dried my hair and apply the very popular spray-on conditioner to them!

This Total Repair Hair Spray (HS0) is spray-on conditioner without the need to rinse off.

It contains milk protein to provide nutritional moisturisation which restructures the hair internally and externally, resulting in silkiness & shine.

It's my first time using this conditioner and I really like it! The product gives instant softness and smoothness to the hair and makes it very easily to comb through!

Marcus ended my treatment with a scalp massage again! :)

After the whole treatment, I went to do my scalp analysis and here's the results!!

Left top and bottom is the before and right top and bottom is the after.

It is so obvious that my oiliness has improved and my follicles are so clear now too!

Maintaining a healthy scalp can prevent many causes of pattern hair loss and also encourage the growth of hair follicles. One of the easiest ways to help prevent most causes of pattern hair loss and encourage the growth of new hair is simply by maintaining a normal, healthy scalp and hair. 

Thank you TOPP CARE for caring for my scalp and hair and I can't wait to see my hair becomes better with the Hair Fall rescue lotion!! :D


Topp Care Hair Solutions
Hair Care Centre:  Block 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1131, Singapore 524201
Hotline: 6645 3020


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