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[Blogger Emily] Up Your Skin's Hydration with ORBIS AQUAFORCE


I've been really stoked to get this post out & about for you guys.

It's been around 6 months since I was introduced to ORBIS and I've been extremely pleased with their products so far. Being where I am, I'm constantly receiving new products from various brands to review. However, without a doubt, ORBIS will ALWAYS be my one of my top choices because my skin accustoms well to their products. Before we get into this post, some of you may ask, what's ORBIS Emily?

"ORBIS is well known for its 100% OIL FREE skincare range that originates from Japan"


AQUAFORCE is ORBIS's renewed hydration range that utilises enhanced moisture locking technology with Moisture Magnet AQ to actively increase the amount of moisture in our skin.




The AQUAFORCE Mild Wash lathers up quickly as it contains a dense moisture formula.

 It gently captures and cleanses away dirt. This is a very important factor that I look out for in facial foams. I detest the tight feeling cause it makes me feel like the product sucked out all my moisture.




Fun fact: Japanese usually use the term "lotion" for our toners.


AQUAFORCE's lotion replenishes the skin's moisture with a Moist Pool Formula containing Laminaria A that locks our cells in with its pool of moisture. The best part about this lotion compared to the others which I've tried would be the fact that it absorbs into my skin VERY QUICKLY.


STEP 3: AQUAFORCE | Moisture




It forms a protective layer with its Moisture Capture Veil that prevents moisture loss from within and ensures that your skin gets long lasting hydration.

Left: Old Packaging | Right: Renewed Packaging

This is my second bottle of their AQUAFORCE moisture. If you've been following me on my Instagram, you would know that I absolutely adore their moisturizer. I brought it to New Zealand with me & had zero signs of dryness throughout my 5 days stay. I swear by this product, sisters!

The renewed formula feels much lighter after application compared to the older version as it absorbs into our skin much faster. Personally, I think it's 80% faster than their older formula. #TriedAndTested


I always get questions on my skincare routine & here's part of it. ORBIS's moisturizer is a definite must-have in my skincare routine. Everything stated here are my 100% honest opinions on their products. The effect may vary for different skin types. Thus, the most optimal option is to head down to their various outlets to get a skin consultation for a suitable range.

Head over to their website to find out more:




Daisy was happily posing with the products so my mom took this opportunity to snap these shots of her. She's werrrking it, little fat doggy. hahahah

Watch the video below to check out Emily's daily skincare routine with ORBIS: