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[Blogger Everest] su:m37° Secret Essence - the Secret to Glowy Skin


su:m37°  is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on naturally fermented ingredients. Using natural fermentation process, su:m37° produces refined and effective beauty goodness in their products.

“Sum” means breathe in Korean and 37˚C is the temperature maintained for the natural ingredients to ferment.

From the luxurious packaging, su:m37° sits well against its competitors of Asian luxury skincare namely SKII and Sulwhasoo, except with a more affordable price tag. Being more affordable sometimes brings on a little suspicion on whether it performs as well as its peers. For the past week, I took the best selling product, su:m37°  Secret Essence, on a test of its efficacy and here’s what I thought of it.


About su:m37° Secret Essence

su:m37° Secret Essence is the signature representation of the brand. It takes 365 days to create the Secret Essence. Through its natural fermentation process, the raw materials are broken down into smaller molecules to better deliver the active ingredients faster and deeper into the skin. As the variety of fermented yeast purifies the tired and exhausted skin, the skin starts to be energized and becomes clearer and brighter.

A patented compound known as ferulic acid that is in the Secret Essence activates the star ingredient Cytosis®, which is made of more than 80 different plants, is essential in regenerating the foundation of good skin and strengthening it against external stressors.

Rich in antioxidants, su:m37° Secret Essence claims to improve the skin’s tone, brilliance, firmness, texture and hydration.


Personal thoughts and experience

su:m37° Secret Essence is a first treatment essence that is to be used straight after toner. It has a water-like texture with light refreshing scent.

I used 4-5 drops of the secret essence into the palm of my hand and gently pressed it into my skin. As the ingredients have been broken down into smaller molecules through natural fermentation, this watery essence is very easily and quickly absorbed. My skin looked a little more moisturized and plumped after use and it is topped off with my usual moisturizer.  After a week of usage, I not only saw the hydrating effect of su:m37° Secret Essence, I also experienced a brightening effect observed through a more even colour tone.

The Secret Essence packaging and effects do have a luxurious feel which is kinder to the wallet and it is such a good substitute for its pricier competitors with its encouraging results after just a week of use. It does look really promising and I would love to see the results with continued use.

Visit su:m37° at TANGS at Tang Plaza, VivoCity or Isetan Tampines. Christmas edition sets are now available!