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[Blogger Joanna] Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen Review


Hi people! Just got back from Bangkok and I had so much fun! I have been travelling a lot this year and I am truly blessed.

Anyway, I believe you guys have heard of “Collagen Powder” everywhere you go since almost everyone is talking about this new “in” thing now. Collagen Powder where you can simply add a teaspoon of it in your daily drink/coffee and magically stay healthy & youthful?

Hell yeah! I’ve been wanting to try one and previously I’ve been taking collagen supplements from Kinohimitsu so I thought to myself why not jump on the new bandwagon and try their Collagen Powder instead? – heard that the effect is even better.

After all, it’s a new health-related product which does no harm (but aid) to the body so why not?

Tadahhh~ introducing the new Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen!

A little information – Collagen Powder comes from the same collagen found in our skin and bones. In short, they are essential proteins for our body and digestive tract.

Easy storage, comes with a seal.

A scoop is also included for our convenience yay!

This is basically how it looks like when you open the bag up.

Asking the most important question now. So what are the benefits of using Collagen Powder?

The sad truth is as we age, our body’s ability to repair starts to deteriorate. Imagine how our bones, joints, skin, hair and even nails would eventually fail us.

Benefits of taking Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen:

• Firm, tighten and brighten skin
• Strengthen hair root & prevent hair fall/ breakage
• Strengthen weak and brittle nails
• Lift bust & tone body
• Support joint & bone health


Having my Collagen in the morning at work before breakfast!

I had to share this! Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen is really tasty to my surprise! I totally prefer this over the tasteless ones. I love mixing it with pure water daily before breakfast and it obviously tastes so much nicer & healthier!

A cup before bedtime!

After trying it out for 2 weeks now, my skin condition has improved. The difference might not be obvious to you guys but I sure felt that my skin is now smoother!

Most importantly, my digestion has significantly improved and I have no problem with “unloading” everyday holy finally HAHAHA! But seriously, though, this has always been a major concern for me as I don’t drink enough water… Boo, I know.


Yeah, to be honest, that’s all for now but I strongly believe that I will discover more improvements with this product! I shall keep you guys posted after trying out for a month or so.
Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen delivers powerful nourishing ingredients to our skin and organs, enabling us to defy signs of ageing. Densed with age-fighter Marine Collagen, great all-round-hydrator Green Caviar™, glycation-fighter Formosa Ruby™ and powerful free radical-fighter Vitamin C, be ready to see results in just 6 days!

Marine Collagen
• Type 1 & 3
• Small molecule size for immediate absorption to replenish and stimulate collagen production for firm and youthful skin

Green Caviar™ (aka sea grapes)
• Promote skin whitening
• Enhance skin hydration
• Great antioxidant ability which provides synergistic effect when working with Vitamin C

Formosa Ruby
• Essence from whole grain of Djulis with anti-glycation properties and increase collagen level, thus anti-ageing effect can last longer
• Promotes skin whitening and collagen synthesis and retain skin moisture

Vitamin C
• Anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for repairing cartilage
• Powerful antioxidant for cellular protection

In short, Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen helps to turn back the clock for your skin and improve the connective tissue throughout the body!

Take 1 scoop a day, preferably before breakfast or bedtime.
Mix with 150ml of water. Serve with chilled water for delicious taste.

There’s 5000mg of Marine Collagen in a scoop. – Package comes with a scoop*

A pack is enough for a full 30-day supply and it is cholesterol & fat-free!

Psssss! It is the ONLY Collagen product with anti-glycation effect in the market!

*Tested on 65 women and men aged 25 – 70 under the strict supervision of derma-lab at My Gene Lab (Japan)

Promotional price now @ only S$39.90 (U.P S$59.90), get it from their online store ( or their Kinohimitsu Beauty Counters today!

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• People’s Park (Nearest MRT: Chinatown MRT Station)

• Albert Complex (Nearest MRT: Bugis MRT Station)

Hopefully, with Kinohimitsu Marine Collagen, I can stay this youthful for as long as I want! Haha!

Till then x!