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[Blogger Joanna] My Monthly Facial at Annabelle Skin


Back to my favourite facial place for my monthly treatment!

I’m delighted to share with you guys my treatment experience thus far with Annabelle Skin using the award-winning products from Dr.Belter Cosmetics.

Just a few months ago before starting my journey with Annabelle Skin, I had a really serious break-out on my entire face. Not sure what had happened? Might be due to stress at that moment. It’s the worst I’ve ever experience and I remembered crying a little because my complexion is really hideous and covering it with heavy makeup is really not the right thing to do.

Consulted Annabelle Skin and we did a treatment right away! Thank you Annabelle Skin for squeezing me into their tight schedule despite the fact that I did not do prior booking!


Given the condition of my skin, I was recommended to try the Shake it! Mask & Massage Carbon D-Tox Treatment which helps to correct my skin quality and bring it back to its healthy radiance (already loving the treatment just by hearing the name HAHA)!

This facial treatment focuses on enhancing hydration and radiance to replenish trace minerals to skin and repair skin’s tiredness. Facial session mainly focuses on the face and neck area.

After changing up and waiting to get my makeup removed! You can see how bad my complexion was even after putting on my makeup

Shall list down the procedure of the facial session here!

Firstly, Bio-Classica Velvety Cream Cleanser was used after removing my makeup and my face felt instantly fresh and cleansed! This cream was applied undiluted on the face, and then removed with a sponge after. Super shiok, love it!

Next up, Intensa Enzyme Cream Peeling is applied with a brush and left on for around 10 minutes! The cream combines high-quality base from vegetable oils, soothing agents and had a wonderfully fresh scent! A sponge was used to remove the excess.

Steaming to open up my pores, and it was followed by an extraction. It ended with a high-frequency treatment for antiseptic care to kill the bad bacteria and germs. 

Next, Intensa Amouple No. 2 Hy-O-Silk was massaged and activated onto the skin for absorption! Ampoule No. 2 Hy-O-Silk is a Silk Extract used to increase smoothness and fairness of skin tone. The 5 elements of Hyaluronic Acids increase both long-chain and short-chain hyaluronic acid which helps to provide hydration to the epidermis and deeper skin tissue preventing Trans-Epidermis Water Loss and also to enhance production of hyaluronic acid, Vit C and E.

Intensa Special Gentle Mask was used to strengthen skin’s resistance and rebalance its condition by its natural soothing complex. This helps to calm and replenish hydration. And by using the Icy Cool facial massage (a lifting care treatment), it further ensures the goodness of the mask penetrating into the skin. You can see the obvious difference in my skin lifting after this treatment! Really awesome! GO AWAY WATER RETENTION!

The treatment was then followed up by the Intensa Shake it! Mask and Massage Carbon D-tox which helped to remove impurities and moisturize the skin. What’s better than having a rejuvenating mask after a long day at work? Plus I got to enjoy 2 masks in a facial session, what a good deal!

Had a good massage and rest before doing the finishing care, which was done using Intensa Moisturising Gel and cream by my favourite Dr. Belter’s products! The cream is Bio Classica AquaSilk 24 if you are wondering. It sits on my skin really nicely and I love the fact that it is not sticky. There are active ingredients in the cream to counteract skin-ageing procesess and protect our skin from environmental influence such as the harmful UV.

Yet another relaxing and amazing session with Annabelle Skin! I gotta mention that Dr.Belter products are really awesome! I’ve never experience any break-outs or sensitivity. The effect can be seen too, and my complexion is now wayyy better! I do not need much makeup and my face is glowing! I also love the comfy ambience and friendly therapists over at Annabelle Skin. The ladies are really professional and knowledgeable!

It’s been over 4 months now with Annabelle Skin and I’m really satisfied and impressed by the overall result of my complexion. Like I’ve mentioned before, this is by far the best facial place I’ve visited and I sincerely recommend you to give it a try yourself to experience this goodness! Annabelle Skin uses Dr. Belter’s premium products throughout the entire treatment. They are very consistent in conducting every treatment and I realised my skin is now much more hydrated and radiant than ever. I can now bid goodbye to thick heavy makeups!

A point to take note ladies: please allow your pores to breathe as much as they can to minimize clogged pores which in turn leads to acne breakouts. So do make sure you remove your makeup and cleanse your face thoroughly!

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Check out my complexion now and you make the verdict? ^^

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