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[Blogger Joanna] Upper Arm Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting at Astique Clinic


Hello! It has been long and I’ve been enjoying life pretty much! I CAN’T WAIT FOR DECEMBER TO COME ALREADY. Looking forward to my Japan trip hehe!

Anyway, as you guys should know, I have been visiting Astique Clinic Singapore since January and I visit them really frequently for all of my aesthetic treatments! I couldn’t be more thankful though. I feel so comfortable and at home each time I visit. 

Just recently, I’ve decided to try something new after doing some research. Many positive feedbacks and the online reviews showed visible results. I was really tempted to try it and thus, I told myself that I should just give it a try because why not? I've got nothing to lose anyway haha!

There are no doubts that I am gaining weight, I’ve actually put on a few KGs this year and I am really upset about it. My arms are getting meatier and chubbier, and they look especially obvious in my usual OOTD photos. There’s definitely a difference and I’ve lost confidence to wear sleeveless tops or dresses. Yes, I still wear them, but with a black cardigan on all the time. I’m really conscious about the flabby fats accumulated on both my arms.

I tried exercising, quitted having supper, started eating clean, and lessened the quantity of food every meal but to no avail. I only drop 0.5kg each time and gained them back quickly after a few days.

After consulting Dr Ng and telling him my main concerns – which are my arms, he has recommended me to try “Coolsculpting by Zeltiq”.

This is actually one of the things I like about ASTIQUE clinic. I feel comfortable to tell my doctor about my concerns and he would be attentive and would give me the best advice that suits me the most.

Before the treatment, he has given me a warning that it may hurt a little. The targeted area will be really numb. He gave me ample time to think through before deciding on doing this treatment.

Thank you so much, Dr Ng! To be honest, I’ve never regretted doing any kind of treatments he has recommended thus far. Thumbs up! ^^

And…… I’ve finally decided to give it a shot!!

Let me talk more about Coolsculpting by Zeltiq.

Developed by doctors and scientists at Harvard Medical School (ranked #1 globally), Zeltiq CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells underneath your skin and allowing your body to naturally remove the “frozen” and dead fat cells. Because fat freezes faster than other cells, there’s no damage to surrounding tissues. It has been clinically tested to help you reduce fat by up to 20% of the treated area.

You can reduce stubborn excess fat with a lunchtime procedure (1 hour per targeted session). Zeltiq CoolSculpting effectively freezes away stubborn fat. Zeltiq CoolSculpting is suitable for those who have a stable, healthy weight but find it hard to get rid of fat bulges.

After undergoing this procedure, your body starts to remove the dead fat cells. Individual variation can occur.

Targeted treatment on my arm area. Look at them excess meat…

Judge yourself guys, no edit. My arms are visibly meaty. My arms used to be much skinnier.

Applying the cool gel for the Coolsculpting treatment.

And the treatment begins! 1 hour per session on one targeted area.

The session lasted for 2 hours for both arms.

Me looking all prepped and comfortable! Watched YouTube videos on my phone to distract and to keep myself entertained throughout an hour! Thank god there’s free public wifi hehe!

Here are some areas that you can get treated for:
- Abdomen
- Arms
- Thighs (inner and outer)
- Hips & Waist
- Muffin top & love handles
- Bra fat

YAY! REVIEW! Waited after a month, and I can finally see the results!! Can I just mention that I did not edit my arms at all in these 2 photos! I was really pleased with the results and I actually recommended my colleague to go for the treatment. She went for a consultation and did the treatment on her tummy. She later told me she felt slightly slimmer around her waist area. It works amazingly!!

I swear that the fats around my arms were visibly reduced. I can feel that there are lesser fats around my arms!

Zeltiq CoolSculpting is non-invasive and has no downtime. You can resume daily activities including work and exercise immediately following treatment. This means there’s NO injections, cutting, needles, surgery involved. It’s safe, convenient and consistent. Ideal cases are those who have fat bulges in the abdomen, love handles and back fat despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. Do note that adjacent tissues are unharmed and intact.

Honest review, I did feel a little discomfort during the treatment. Note that I have to stay in the same position for an hour, I could barely move. And my arms felt all numbed and pulled during the treatment. After an hour, the machine was removed and the numbness escalated! However, trust me that the pain only lasted for 10 minutes. J Everything’s good after a while. I felt no pain for the next few days. But I guess this varies as some may experience extreme numbness and pain after the treatment.



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