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[Blogger Maybelline] Review: Astique Clinic Cheek Fillers to Fight Tired Looking Face


Ageing takes place every single day.

Do you feel your cheeks are sagging as you age? How about those apple cheeks, are they still prominent?
If you haven’t felt the difference, take a look at your photos from 5-6 years ago.

James felt that his cheeks were sagging and were also not as full as before. True enough, he does get a lot of comments like “Why do you look so tired?” or “Are you very busy lately?”

Do you know that sunken cheeks can make one look tired and dull even though he or she may have had enough sleep every day?

Take a look at his selfie below. Can you tell that he is actually quite tired looking?

He may still have fat cheeks (as described by some of his friends) but look at the areas under his eyes. They are quite “empty”.

So one fine day, on our casual date, he said “Hey B, I think I am going to get some cheek fillers done at Astique”. LOL. It was not just some casual remark. He made the appointment later.

Seeing how cheek fillers can make one look younger (more youthful), I was tempted to give it a try too.

It was in fact, a very fast process. You can get 6 months to a year of youthfulness in less than half an hour!
1. Cleansing of face (5 minutes)
2. Numbing cream (20 minutes)
3. Fillers injection to both cheeks (5 minutes)

My cheeky boy!

Only 2-3 injections were done to each side. I prefer fillers to plastic surgery because I can control how full I want the cheeks to be. More importantly, I do not have to go under the knife and endure the downtime to look young. You will need weeks to recover after a plastic surgery but for cheek fillers, there is absolutely no down time! You can even put on makeup right after the treatment.

It will look as though we just had some natural-looking enhancement done.

James had a flatter surface under the eyes but Dr. Celine advised him not to inject too much at one go just in case the fillers caused water retention.

Well, he will have the option to inject more after the fillers have settled down 2 weeks later. We would rather take baby steps than to make a huge but wrong move.

Some people may suffer from slight bruising around the cheek areas but we had none. Perhaps only the needle prick but it went off after a few hours.
The results were instant and so far so good for us. He is obviously very very satisfied with the results as he is no longer tired looking! As for me, I wouldn’t say no to a fuller-looking face. Can I be your Korean-looking girlfriend? Haha.

The results may differ from individuals to individuals. The fillers may only last for 6-9 months and for some others, up to 2 years depending on the type of filler used.

Check out how we look right now, obviously better and younger! Hehe.

So glad we are so well-taken care of by Dr. Celine from Astique Clinic. I will be going back to her to remove my pigmentation next!