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[Blogger Silver] Marie France Bodyline 30-Day Challenge - How Was It?


Okay guys! My 30 Days Challenge with Marie France Bodyline! Throughout the 30 days, there were some lifestyle changes that I needed to make out of my comfort zone but it was all so worth it!

Here's what to expect.

Day 1:

I met the awesome team who would help me become the next Fann Wong (okay kidding, she's THE goddess can???) - the consultant, nutritionist, therapists. They were really nice and friendly and helped advise me on how to get through the next 30 days as breezily as possible.

My measurements were then taken. This is the scary part.

I had no idea I was becoming a barrel before I embarked on this challenge. I knew I had gained weight because clothes were getting a little too tight for comfort, but a 31-inch waist was scary for a woman standing at only 162cm.

Now, close your mouth. Don't judge. 

I was advised on what kinds of treatments I would be going for according to my problem areas, which were mainly my tummy, ass, thighs...the lower body. Basically a pear-shaped body, which is also known as a Gonad Body Type. You know, I’ve always thought of myself as just bottom heavy, and never really labelled myself as a pear-shaped body. ARGH!!!!!!! *cries*

So I would be given 2 sessions of Express Lipo Thalasso Therapy (ELTT), 4 sessions of Body Contouring Treatment (FMS), 1 session of FMS with an exercise machine, and 1 session of Acoustic Radial Therapy (ART). You can skip the treatments part if you're not really into details, but I'll include them for the benefit for those who are curious. Basically, I was put on 2 sessions of treatments a week and advised to follow a diet plan.

In the first week, I started with 2 sessions of ELTT. The ELTT treatment uses Seaweed Thermal Therapy, 2 of the most effective methods in tissue cleansing combining seaweed and heat. I was given a 20 minutes massage on my problem area while lying down on a thermal bed, after which a seaweed mask was applied to my body. I was then wrapped up in a thermal blanket to let the seaweed mask and the heat work. This treatment works to help the body detox. 

I was told by my nutritionist that my nutrition intake for this coming 30 days will be crucial for optimum results. She gave me a 7-day detox meal plan to follow. Which is super low in carbs with fair amounts of lean protein, fruits and green leafy veggies. I was to drink only water and decaf coffee or tea, which works for me because I only ever like drinking water. =)

Why the need to detox? Because unless you have been eating really healthily (which I'm sure you haven't else you wouldn't be here reading this), chances are your body has a lot of toxins that need to be eliminated. And if you don’t, it will be stored in the body as FATSSSS!!! Only after eliminating toxins can your body properly absorb the healthy nutrients that we will feed it later on. Detoxing also helps your body renew its ability to maintain optimum health and boosts energy levels.

I was also given 2 bottles of Marie France Bodyline's products, Slendher Figure Slenderiser and Body Tech perfectionist serum, to add on to my daily skin care routine.

Day 1! Yong Tau Foo with loads of leafy greens, one egg (minus the yolk!) and some protein-rich ingredients. I generally avoid the deep-fried ones so I like this!

Come week 2, it's time to supercharge the metabolism! I was advised this week to increase my protein intake. The body requires protein to maintain lean body mass and thus this helps to hold up my metabolic rate. Proteins also take longer to digest, thus keeping me full for a much longer period of time. I was also told by my nutritionist that I should consume food that is high in Omega-3 fatty acids as they help boost metabolic rate, as well as minerals such as calcium and B Vitamins, is also important.

Unfortunately, I have a stress fracture on my left shin so I can't do rigorous exercises. No HIIT or running for me, but I can do strength training exercises, which help strengthen muscles. More muscles mean a higher fat-burning capability! 

The treatments for weeks 3 and 4 are 4 sessions of Body Contouring Treatments (FMS).

This is when my body is wrapped with a bandage soaked in a specially formulated solution which brings my body temperature down. When that happens, your body will naturally work harder to bring the body temperature back up and that boosts your body’s metabolism rate.


Ever heard of bringing the aircon temperature down to help burn fat? It's the same theory, except the FMS is a lot cooler, and more effective. Another example? When you run or exercise for a good 40 mins, you will feel hot, and your heart will start pumping harder to supply blood to all parts of your body; same goes for when you are feeling cold, your brain will be signalled to send more blood to your entire body to ensure that your body temperature remains. Best of all, I just need to stay seated and I can rest or catch up on my emails.

有没有很sexy? Lol!

I was in and out of the centre in 30 minutes! So what I did was go for my sessions when I have a break between my scenes. ;)

Week 3 is the fat burning week! I was also informed about the different body types and how to eat right for my body type.


I was told I am a gonad body type, with a slender upper body and curvy rear. In my head I was thinking huh gonad has something to do with my reproductive system and ovaries, so what do my ovaries have to do with my body type??? 

For gonad body types, the ovaries are the reason why we gain weight. Any food that stimulates the ovaries will cause us to gain weight. By increasing our intake of foods which help to stimulate the pituitary and thyroid glands, and decreasing ovary-stimulating foods, we can restore balance back to our bodies.

Wow. This is knowledge I never knew!

So what should I be eating???

Plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and non/low fat dairy products. Gonad types are best suited to be vegetarians. Which is great! I love greens and vegetables and generally dislike eating meat.

Gonad types should also avoid red meat, spices (WHAT??? NOOOOOOO~~~~), fried foods, creamy foods and desserts. 

I can do with all the rest, but no chilli??? Okay that will be the hardest part. 

I can take fish, poultry and eggs in moderation.

I was also informed that gonad types should avoid eating in the late morning and late evening as these are times when our metabolism is very low. The gonads are more active at night which means our metabolism handles food better later in the day than early in the day. That's one thing I've been doing right all my life. I could never eat breakfast, and I never understood why I always feel so sluggish when I do when people tell me breakfast is supposed to kickstart our metabolism. I finally have the answer!

And I'm finally at week 4 of the MFB 30-Day Challenge! Can't wait for the final results!!! I did one final FMS wrap, except this time round I wasn't sitting inside a therapy room, but instead taken to another room with a machine which I had to stand on for about 15 minutes. It vibrates!!! I could literally feel my fats being shaken off! Lol!

My final treatment was ART, where I had to lie down, and the therapist used a machine on my tummy which sucked up my skin while concurrently beat up the fats within. I've never felt anything like that before. It is like a vacuum that sucks on my skin and there is this thing that kept knocking on the surface of my skin. Interesting huh?

Apparently this treatment is one that emits pulse-frequencies to stimulate blood flow and collagen reproduction and help firms my skin and improve the elasticity. I had to drink a lot of water afterwards as this treatment breaks down fats, so drinking water would help to metabolise the fats. The ART also works to help smoothen the appearance of cellulite! 

So the results? I lost 3kg at the end of week 4!!!

That's not even the best part. 

4 inches off my waist AND 2 inches off each thigh!!!!!!!

I'm happy! Hey, 4 inches off my waist is a big deal okay.



If I can, so can you. Commit just 30 days to this and feel the difference for yourself. If you've always wanted to lose weight and be healthy, 30 days can make a difference. Plus it's only $300. What's there to lose, really, other than some excess weight? =D 

I find myself being a lot more conscious about what I put into my mouth, and all the information taught to me by my nutritionist more than helped me when it comes to making food choices now.

Do something for yourself today which you can smile about later. ;)

Are you ready to take on the Marie France Bodyline 30-Day Challenge?