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I Tried a Hifu Treatment at Lux Aesthetics Clinic to Lift My Face


I visited Dr Kellyn Shiau from Lux Aesthetic Clinic 2 weeks ago for my first HIFU treatment experience. With my age catching up, there are signs of aging like sagging skin, and the loss of collagen caused my skin to droop. Sounds scary right? Yes indeed! 

Dr Kellyn started with a consultation explaining the treatment process and also examined the condition of my face. She suggested HIFU for the lower half of my face, which will improve my sagging jowls and eventually my overall appearance.


What is Facelift High IntensityFocused Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment?

HIFU, also known as high intensity focused ultrasound, uses the latest technology to target and lift the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer in the skin. HIFU is a safe, non-surgical treatment that uses the body’s own regenerative response to gradually lift the skin over targeted areas such as the face and neck. HIFU helps in fat remodelling, targeting difficult to treat areas such as the double chin and helps with facial contouring to achieve the V-shaped face.

Read more about HIFU at Lux Aesthetic Clinic website


Benefits of HIFU Treatment

  • Elevates Sagging skin
  • Firms and tightens the skin
  • Sharpens the face and burns adipose tissue
  • Fine lines are reduced
  • Enhance lifting and toning loose skin


HIFU Procedure

After the consultation, I headed to the treatment room to start the treatment process. The therapist cleansed my face prior to the treatment. Then, she applied a layer of numbing cream and waited for approximately 20 minutes for it takes effect to minimise any discomfort during the treatment.

After 20 minutes, the therapist applied a layer of gel to my skin before Dr Kellyn placed the Ultraformer III Hifu hand piece over the area of my skin for treatment. There were no needles involved but there was a tingling sensation during the treatment. I would not describe that as pain, though. It felt like fine needles “firing shots” into the deep layers of my skin. The sensation was intensifying when it comes to my jawline. Dr Kellyn explained that the sensation was stronger at the area because the area is less fleshy and more sensitive. The whole process took approximately 20 minutes.

Here is a shot of one side face with HIFU treatment. You can see the difference instantly. The lifting effect was immediate and visible.

Dr Kellyn shared that the result will be better after 10 -13 weeks. The collagen will take some time to remodel significantly improve the overall appearance of the face.

Photo taken after the treatment with Dr Kellyn.

The treatment ended with a 10 minutes mask. After the treatment, there was no redness and the treatment had no downtime at all. I could apply my skincare and makeup as usual and go about my everyday activities.

Here a photo that was taken 2 weeks after the treatment. My V-shape face is back again! I can’t wait to see the skin lifting effect in 10 weeks time.


Facts Sharing:

# Only one treatment session is needed to see the result. However, it also depends on the individual degree of skin laxity and collagen response to the treatment. Thus, seek consultation from the expert to achieve the best result.

# HIFU treatment will last around 9-12 months depending on the individual. It is recommended to do touch-ups for maintenance so that you will look good all the time.

# This treatment is a non-surgical approach and it helps to stimulate collagen production to produce natural lifting results.

Price Range: Ultraformer III-HIFU price starts at S$1,000.00++ 


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By Hazel Lam