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I Tried the Baby Skin Healer Trio Treatment to Achieve Youthful and Radiant Skin


Although I previously did face thread lift to lift and tighten my face, it didn't change the fact that my facial skin still lack the glow and radiance. I suffered from dehydrated skin, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. To add on to my already numerous skin woes, I also have dark eye rings, eye bags, crow's feet, and deep lines on my forehead. 


I look tired and haggard and I guess it's time to have a little "revamp". 


After speaking to Dr. Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics and having a better understanding of my skin problems and the available treatments during my earlier CoolSculpting treatment,  I thought I should follow his recommendations and give the Halley's Baby Skin Healer Trio Treatment a shot.

Beauty aficionados would definitely heard of skinboosters and their effects. Dr. Terence brought skinboosters a notch higher with his Halley's Baby Skin Healer Trio. The treatment is a combination of Rejuran Healer, Restylane SkinBoosters, and Micro-Botox, and they come together to give our skin more elasticity, radiance, and glow.


Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio:

Rejuran® Healer 

Rejuran Healer is one of the most popular treatments in Korea now. Its active ingredient is derived from the salmon's DNA which has shown to have regeneration ability. By stimulating the skin's fibroblast to produce collagen, Rejuran Healer can tighten saggy skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, minimise pore size, reduce inflammation, and improve skin tone.

Restylane SkinBoosters
Restylane Skinboosters can deeply hydrate our skin to firm it up and give it the extra glow. Hydration is the key to good skin so keeping your skin hydrate is the first step to anti-aging. 
Micro-botox are botox injected in small doses to tighten skin, remove fine lines, and refine skin texture.


Benefits of Baby Skin Healer Trio

Baby Skin Healer Trio, which is a combination of Rejuran HealerRestylane SkinBoosters, and Micro-Botox, is delivered into the skin via injections. They are injected right below the surface of our skin and is a great treatment for anti-aging.


Baby Skin Healer Trio can:

- Restore skin elasticity
- Minimise pores
- Restore youthfulness
- Reduce fine lines
- Improve acne scars
- Hydrate skin
- Tighten skin


Baby Skin Healer Trio FAQ:

1. Is it safe?

It is definitely safe. However, it is important that you look for a reputable doctor to carry out the treatment for you. He or she should be familiar with the procedure and is skillful in carrying out the injections to prevent having too many needle marks or bruises on your face.


2. Any downtime?
Be prepared to see tiny needle marks on your face immediately after the treatment. But fret not, they will be gone really soon.


3. How long can the effects last?

You can see visible results after a month and the effects should last about 6 to 9 months. It is recommended that you have at least 3 sessions of the treatment, once a month for 3 months, and having one treatment every half a year subsequently, for you to see the best results.



After the injections are done, the beauty therapist applied Vitamin C and stem cell serum onto my skin, and soothe them on with electric pulses to make sure that my skin absorbs them well.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which can combat aging, while stem cells can regenerate our skin and stimulate collagen production. This add-on treatment further hydrates my skin and give it the nutrition it needs.


Comparing my photos from before the treatment and one-month post-treatment:

* No makeup and photo unedited


My skin looks more glowy and my dark eye rings seem to have lightened too. My nasolabial folds and the fine lines around my mouth are reduced, and my forehead, cheeks, and undereye area look fuller too. My face is significantly firmer, and my friends commented that I look younger than before. Nowadays, I just need to put on some sunblock and light makeup and I can head out with confidence.


This is me travelling on a Korea and Japan trip 2 weeks post-treatment. Although the doctor told me that the results can only be seen in a month, I felt that there was already a difference after 2 weeks? Was it my illusion?
*With light makeup on



3 weeks post treatment and I felt that my skin was more hydrated and glowy. I don't look too bad in photos, do I? I only have sunblock and no makeup on my face!


Exactly 1-month post-treatment and my skin tone became more even, fine lines were reduced, and my skin felt so much firmer.

*I'm completely without makeup. Please ignore my freckles!


1 month and 1-week post-treatment, I traveled to India for a Yoga Ambassador trip and we did not have to put on any makeup for the whole trip. Can you see my radiant skin?


I did a video interview with India's DD News with no makeup except my lipstick!


1 month and 3 weeks post-treatment and I went for a staycation to enjoy my weekend. It's been long since I saw myself looking good even without makeup and I really love it.


Around 2 months post-treatment and I went for a variety programme recording in Guizhou.


The camera came on immediately when I stepped out of the arrival gates. I wasn't prepared and didn't have a chance to put on any makeup. But on second thoughts, I was confident even without makeup, wasn't it? The director told me that I looked good on camera too!


You know what, I was really worried when I had to take photos with all the young girls with small faces and great skin, just like these two co-emcees from Macau. Initially I was worried that I won't look good but it wasn't too bad!


For the rest of the journey and filming, my skin was in a great condition, all glowy and firm. Most of the crew couldn't tell my real age and said that I look youthful!


With age and frequent travels, it is really hard to maintain my skin. However, it is important that I look good on-screen for my job. The treatment helped me keep my skin in a good condition. My face looked slimmer and more 3-dimensional, and my skin is more elastic and glowy.

I'm glad that I did the Baby Skin Healer Trio at Halley Medical Aesthetics. I felt so much more confident.


If you are plagued by skin woes and your skincare products aren't doing much to help, perhaps you might want to give the Baby Skin Healer Trio a shot.

Total cost:
Halley Baby Skin Healer Trio = $1390


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Article translated by: Xinyi Soh

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Halley Medical Aesthetics Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio 魅丽医学美容招牌疗程逆龄魅丽针



在Halley Medical Aesthetics与陈锦良医生初次见面聊开后,了解了许多能对我皮肤状况有帮助的疗程。而既然在魅丽医学美容诊所进行Cool Sculpting 酷塑疗程, 那我也决定接受陈锦良医生的建议,进行诊所的招牌美容疗程——Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio 逆龄魅丽针!

很多爱美人士都有听过“婴儿针”的功效。陈锦良医生研发Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio逆龄魅丽针的目的是把这逆龄针的效果增强,更深层改善肤质与肌肤,使我们的脸更有弹性,光滑,白皙水嫩!所以这一针不仅包括了Rejuran Healer 丽珠兰逆龄针,陈锦良医生也配加了Restylane Skin Booster 瑞然皮肤活化剂Micro-Botox 微量保妥适 。


Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio魅丽针各产品的功效:

Rejuran® Healer 丽珠兰逆龄针




Restylane Skin Booster 瑞然皮肤活化剂



Micro-Botox 微量保妥适



逆龄魅丽针是以微注射的方法,以3合1产品Rejuran® Healer 丽珠兰逆龄针 + Restylane® Skin Booster 瑞然皮肤活化剂 + Micro-Botox® 微量保妥适,而组成的美容3合1菜单,注射在皮肤表面下。如果想预防老化的过程或逆转老化迹象,逆龄魅丽针是非常理想的治疗。










要有心里准备小小的针孔印。但不用担心,这状况很快就会会淡化消失, 皮肤恢复正常。












皮肤细纹开始淡化,感觉也较紧实, 有弹性。
*完全不化妆裸脸的我, 请忽略我本身还没处理的雀斑!下一步应该轮到对付你了!


只搽了口红,就敢敢上镜接受印度喀拉拉的国家新闻记者DD NEWS的采访。









不禁打从心里要感谢Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio 逆龄魅丽针的神奇功效,让我可以如此的自信!姐对这次抢救皮肤,逆转年龄抗衰老的医美治疗十分的满意!


如果目前你的皮肤状态试了什么护肤产品都没有明显改善,试图想用较短时间复原健康美肌的长期功效,也许Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio逆龄魅丽针是你可以考虑的途径。

Halley’s Baby Skin Healer Trio逆龄魅丽针 = $1390

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