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Knock Down Your Skin Age With belif Age Knockdown Skincare Range


With the passing of years comes fine lines and dull skin. While I used to look for anti-acne properties in skincare products in my younger days, anti-aging properties are now of greater importance to me.

belif Age Knockdown Anti-Aging Skincare Review Singapore

We can't stop time but there are a plethora of anti-aging skincare products out there to help us achieve a youthful appearance. When I was introduced to belif Age Knockdown skincare range, I didn't hesitate to try them as I have been a big fan of belif ever since it came onto our shores way back in 2012. belif is a true herbal cosmetic brand that is formulated with superior ingredients and efficacy in the safest and most honest way possible.

The entire belif Age Knockdown skincare kit consists of four products — belif Youth creator-age knockdown water essence, belif Youth creator-age knockdown bomb, belif Youth creator-age knockdown V cream, and belif Youth creator-age knockdown facial roller. This range seeks to strengthen our skin's foundation and takes years off our skin, and is suitable for anyone aged 25 years old and above.


belif Youth creator-age knockdown water essence (120ml, $78) 

belif Age Knockdown Anti-Aging Skincare Review Singapore 

Pat a few drops of essence onto your skin immediately after cleansing to strengthen and repair the age-weakened skin barrier. It acts like a primer to the other skincare products to improve the efficacy of products applied. 

The essence has a watery texture and a light spa-like scent. It absorbs into the skin easily and my skin felt soft and supple immediately.


belif Youth creator-age knockdown bomb (50ml, $90)

belif Age Knockdown Anti-Aging Skincare Review Singapore

belif Youth creator-age knockdown bomb strengthens skin’s elasticity and minimizes the appearance of pores while improving skin texture for smooth and supple skin. It also acts as a daily antioxidant and provides anti-pollution protection to prevent premature signs of aging.

The serum has a heavier texture as compared to the essence but that said, it does not leave a sticky film on the skin and I love how it moisturises and plumps up my skin. While I'm plagued with dry skin, I do not have many visible pores (well, except for those that are jammed up with blackheads on my nose, sigh.) and therefore, I can't really comment on whether the Age Knockdown bomb shrunk my pores.


belif Youth creator-age knockdown V cream (50ml, $120) 

belif Age Knockdown Anti-Aging Skincare Review Singapore

belif Youth creator-age knockdown V cream is a face lifting cream that promises to lift our V-line and fight against skin sagginess. The three herbs, Heather, Feverfew, and Teasel activate the pro-oxygen deliverer, increasing the cytoglobin which delivers oxygen and cares for decreased amount of oxygen. Formulated to restore the skin’s youthful volume, the cream tones and lifts facial contours while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clinically proven to improve sagging cheeks by 16.7% in just 4 weeks.

The V cream has a heavier texture and it really hydrates and puts the radiance back into my dull skin. Because of its heavier texture, those with oily skin should avoid using it in the daytime as makeup may not sit well on it in our humid weather. However, it is a perfect night cream since it can fully repair our skin when we rest at night. Try using it nightly and you can see visible effects the next morning. 

Bonus point: I love the light spa-like scent that is consistent throughout the three products in this Age knockdown skincare range, and the fact that none of these three products gave me an oily shine.


belif Youth creator-age knockdown facial roller

belif Age Knockdown Anti-Aging Skincare Review Singapore

I placed the facial roller on my bedside table and I used it nightly when I'm all cosy up for my reading before bedtime. I'm a firm believer that facial massages help to lift skin and improve skin elasticity, and strongly believes that facial massages are the key to youthful and healthy skin.

This facial roller is a decent device for facial massager but because it can't be rotated 360 degrees, it is a little hard to manipulate and angle it on my face and neck. It is a nice facial massager to have, but I still prefer those battery-powered massagers that vibrate as I move them around my face to give my skin an extra boost.


You can purchase belif skin care products at belif, TANGS VivoCity, and THEFACESHOP-Nature Collection outlets.