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La Vida Eyebrow Embroidery Review


Ever since I started applying makeup in my uni days, I've never left home without my eyebrows drawn.

I would feel naked when my eyebrows were not drawn because they are very sparse, uneven and thin. So I had my eyebrow resurrection done a few years ago to enhance my 'fierce' look. 

While the eyebrow colour faded over the years, my eyebrows still look natural although they needed a new lease of life. So when I was introduced to LA VIDA™Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery service to revive my eyebrow, I had an appointment arranged quickly to do that. 

LA VIDA™Deluxe Creative Brows is LA VIDA's highly rated semi-permanent makeup services for eyebrow - using a micro-blade, small incisions are made along the brow line to mimic existing eyebrow hairs. 

LA VIDA™highly experienced brow specialists


I must confess I was afraid my eyebrows would be too stencilled looking or thick but the LA VIDA™specialists put me at ease after my consultation with them.

Numbing Cream for 30 minutes. 


Eyebrow shaped before the micro-blading starts. 


My LA VIDA™specialist applied numbing cream for my brows before she starts to create individual brow strands (micro-blading), combining unique strokes, in accordance to the growth of my eyebrow, giving my brows a natural three-dimensional tone, using industry-leading natural pigments. 

After my LA VIDA™specialist was done, I looked into the mirror to find my perfect-looking brows, though it was a little dark. The brow dye will take a few days to fade. 

After the numbing cream wore out 2 hours later, there was only a slight ant-bites pain which lasted about 3 hours. After I got home, I applied the LA VIDA™ Eyebrow Treatment Aftercare to make sure that my skin does not dry up, scab, or peel off too early. 

Aftercare for LA VIDA™Deluxe Creative Brows Eyebrow Embroidery:

  • avoid touching water or excessive sweating. Pat dry the brows if brows are sweaty and after washing face. 
  • recovery time is estimated to be around 3-7 days. The skin dries up and scabs will start to peel off. Apply LA VIDA™ Eyebrow Treatment Aftercare ointment to prevent the skin from falling off too quickly.   
  • Brow colour can fade 20% - 50% after the scab falls off. A second touch up is necessary if needed after 28 days when the skin regeneration renewal process has taken place.                                                      



As part of an on-going effort to bring on point eyebrows to everyone, LA VIDA™ will be offering their highly raved Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery service at a promotional price of $398 (U.P. $1369.60) plus a complimentary touch up session (worth $388) to all first-time customers (by appointment), 23 years old and above, available at all of LA VIDA’s 6 outlets.

To enjoy the offer, simply text or call this number (87976271) to make an appointment in advance and quote the discount code "Katherine398".


List of LA VIDA™outlets:
- AMK Hub #B1-24, Tel: 6481 5484
- Bedok Mall #01-27, Tel: 6384 3218
- Grantral Mall @Clementi #01-09/10, Tel: 6774 7372
- Compass One #04-23, Tel: 6386 2585
- Lot One #02-02, Tel: 6769 3244
- Northpoint City #B1-168 Tel: 6873 1168

For more information about LA VIDA™, please visit the website at


By Katherine Sng