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My Intralase Lasik Experience with Shinagawa Eye Centre


In the past I would freak out if I can’t find these 3 items in my travel luggage.

1. My spectacles
2. My contact lens
3. My contact lens case and solution

Because of my very high myopia, forgetting any of these items could spell a bad travel experience. Imagine touching down to a new adventure only to realize that I will not be able to enjoy the scenery and adventures! I believe there are many of you out there with high myopia who can resonate with me! 

Thanks to my Intralase Lasik done at @shinagawa.eye.centre with Dr Lee Sao Bing, this travel nervousness and inconvenience is a thing of the past. After being bespectacled for more than twenty years, I am so grateful to have perfect eyesight!  

Pre-Lasik assessment

I have been toying around with the idea of getting Lasik done but kept having my plans shelved aside as I was convinced that my high myopia will very likely render me ineligible for Lasik. It was late last year when I learned that Shinagawa Eye Centre provides pre-lasik assessments at $22 as not everyone is suitable to have laser surgery done. I had initially thought that I might not pass the test due to my high myopia degree and told myself that even if I am not eligible, it’s an affordable routine eye-check. I went ahead with the pre-lasik assessment to satisfy my curiosity.

To my pleasant surprise, after a series of eye tests, we found out that my cornea is thicker than average and reality sank in. There is no reason for me to put aside my Lasik goal anymore. I got myself scheduled for the surgery on the 3rd day of the new year – Probably the best gift for myself for surviving 2018 and a literal notion to begin 2019 with ‘clear vision’!

The surgery

Call me outdated but I had previously thought that getting Lasik done would take at least half a day and I will be leaving the clinic with teary red blood-shot eyes (I had seen my friend went through the ordeal 10 years ago and the imagery was deeply etched in my mind). Technology has advanced way ahead since then and my experience was a really fast and fuss-free one! The whole process took less than 3 hours including final consultation, signing of forms, gowning and resting. 

I also had cross-linking added to my Intralase Lasik procedure, recommended for my high myopia. This extra step strengthens the cornea and can be done in the same Lasik surgery. It only takes a extra few seconds more for each eye! The actual surgery only lasted for a min. It was so fast, so painless, I had no idea it was done until Dr Lee told me so! My reaction: ‘We’re done? So fast?!’ 

The moment I walked out of the surgery theatre, I could see with clear perfect vision. The feeling I had was the same as when I first sighted the Annapurna mountains in Nepal for the very first time.

It was a breathtaking, amazing moment. 

Post-Lasik follow up

The very next morning, I returned to the clinic to get my protective lens removed. My vision is perfect and aside from a common dry eyes issue, I’m given the thumbs up for a very successful surgery. I know I’ve got Dr Lee’s dedication and skills to thank! Did I mention Dr Lee also has a very soothing voice that will calm your nerves? 

After the surgery, it is very important to administer your drips according to the recommended timings and amount to ensure fast recovery and avoid complications. While at it, make sure that you don’t poke your eyes or it may shift your cornea flap! That means no rubbing and ensure that you wear your recommended ‘protective gears’ at all times.

It’s now questions and answers time!

I’ve first announced my Intralase Lasik procedure on Instagram and have gotten a number of questions. I’ve answered them all previously and thought it will be a good idea to share about them here too!

1. How did you prepare for your Lasik surgery?

Do not wear your contact lens for 3 days before the surgery. I was very kiasu and stopped wearing contacts for 5 days before the surgery  Also, stay away from eye-makeup. I was very religious in this and only went out with concealer.

2. When can I start seeing clearly after the surgery?

It depends on individuals and the type of Lasik procedure you are doing. For me, I did Intralase Lasik and I had clear vision right out of the surgery room. Some people will experience blurry vision which clears up by the next day.

3. When can I resume my everyday activities?

Technically you can return to your day-to-day activities the very next day for Intralase Lasik but the doctor would recommend that you avoid straining the eyes. That means you should minimize working on the phone and computer. The best way to rest the eyes is to go out shopping!

4. Does it hurt?

Other than discomfort due to dryness which can be easily solved by eye-drops, I did not experience any sort of pain during the surgery and after the surgery. I did not even feel anything during the surgery! I was also warned about experiencing halos but mine was very mild and went away very soon after 1.5 months.

5. Does it mean you’ll be perfect eyesight forever?

Unfortunately, no. It is still important to take good care of your eyes even after the surgery as regression can occur. Lasik does not mean that you will be free from changes in eyesight, including the onset of long-sightedness when we grow old. With proper rest, lubrication and good habits, we can, however, protect our eyes and prevent short-sightedness from coming back!

6. What’s the damage for the whole procedure?

Depending on your current degree, cornea condition and the recommended type of Lasik, it may set you back by $2k to $3k. I would recommend you to get your pre-lasik assessment done to get a more accurate estimate. The pre-lasik assessment is only $22!


Gone are the days having to fumble around for my spectacles and contact lens! It’s so amazing to be able to open my eyes with clear vision every morning. Having perfect eyesight means that I don’t have to worry about cleaning my contact lens while on the go. I can now jump straight out of bed and truly enjoy the scenery around me without having to fumble for my visual aids. It’s a new lease of life, my best decision and gift for 2019! 

By Qiyun