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My Journey with Astique Clinic's Dr. Ng Hong Yi


It's been almost 2 years since I started my Dual Yellow Brightening treatment, Botox, and Fillers with Dr. Ng Hong Yi from Astique Clinic Singapore!


Till date, I can say that I'm extremely pleased with the services, judging from the results of the treatments I went through.

I’ve been getting this question a lot recently: Joanna, what makeup and skincare you’re using? Your skin is so smooth and fair! 

And my answer to that would be, “Do try Dual Yellow Brightening Laser at Astique Clinic and be sure to look for Dr. Ng Hong Yi. He has been doing my treatments every month for the past 1 year and my skin has shown great improvement, and I look great even without makeup. 

I go for my Dual Yellow Brightening Laser once a month and it is definitely safe and it isn't harmful to you in any way.

Here’s an example of how awesome Dual Yellow Laser can be!

Can you see that little pimple on my forehead? It is visible even though I already covered it with my concealer.

This is how I look after removing my makeup and concealer. Little red bumps can be seen and it’s even more obvious in real life. I usually get them right before my period and aren't they annoying!

2 days later, with light makeup on.

Natural glow and smooth skin are the best, aren’t they! And my skin can now “breathe” with since I can apply less foundation.

This was what Dr. Ng Hong Yi promised me at the beginning of the treatment and true enough, I no longer need heavy makeup anymore with the help of Dual Yellow Laser.

Besides Dual Yellow Brightening Laser, I also did my fillers with Dr. Ng at Astique Clinic.

I'm always relaxed and at ease when I'm at Astique Clinic.

If you are afraid of needles, fret not. The numbing cream helps a great deal. I rate the pain of the needle pricks at 2/10. My pain tolerance is relatively low though and this is really bearable.

You should know that it is very important to find a reliable aesthetics doctor with lots of experience and I’d recommend Dr. Ng Hong Yi from Astique Clinic if you are looking for one. He is also very friendly, nice, and patient. Couldn’t ask for a better doctor!

Chin and nose fillers done! I’m definitely happy with the results! 

This girl here is full of confidence with beautiful facial contours after fillers, and great skin after Dual Yellow Brightening Laser.

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