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Picosure Pigmentation Removal at Halley Medical Aesthetics


Following the completion of my Fraxel Dual Laser Face Rejuvenation with Halley Medical Aesthetics in March 2018, I have moved on to the second installment of my journey towards pigmentation removal.

This is me today after two PicoSure Pigmentation Removal. No foundation and no make-up, going out with only sunscreen.

A Recap. The Fraxel® Dual Laser Face Rejuvenation stimulates your skin’s natural collagen, rejuvenating skin cells below the surface to help smooth the creases and pockets that cause wrinkles and scars. It is also used to lighten and remove scars and pigmentation caused by acne, chickenpox, injuries as well as blemishes like birthmark and age spots.

When put under microscopic view on the before and after effect, my pores are evidently smaller, skin tighter and lifted. The pigmentations and freckles could not be fully removed though. I acknowledged that every person has different skin types and while one treatment could be the answer to everything for a woman, it may not be the solution for another. I was introduced to PicoSure by Dr Terence Tan at Halley Medical Aesthetics to battle the rest of the stubborn pigmentations. After just one session, I had friends commenting at hello, "Your face is really good now!"

Yap! Their first words weren't Hello. "Your face is really good now!" was "Hello!"

I smiled and couldn't help but agree I've seen results in just one session. It wasn't a miracle [if it was, that would be too good to be true]. The pigmentations did not just disappear but it was a lot lighter and definitely no longer as noticeable as before. There was an overall improvement in skin tone and texture too.




What happens during a PicoSure treatment?

Numbing cream is applied to my face before the procedure, which will make the treatment a more comfortable one. After about 20 minutes, the numbing cream is removed before treatment begins. A treatment will take about 30 minutes, depending on the area treated and the skin condition.

I find the laser tolerable and while I was squirming a little from unjustified fear, it was nothing close to an ant bite each time Dr Terence Tan treated my pigmented areas.


What is PicoSure?

It is the gold standard in treating pigmentation.
PicoSure is a picosecond laser approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) that delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). It shatters the pigment on our face into tiny dust-like particles, which are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated naturally. 
Unlike traditional laser that uses photothermal action, the PicoSure laser delivers laser energy only to target particles without burning the surrounding tissues. Thankful for that!
With less production of heat, tissue damage and discomfort is greatly reduced.

 I must say the post  Fraxel irritation was harder to take. PicoSure has shorter or almost zero downtime compared to traditional lasers. This is thanks to its PressureWave technology that uses an unique wavelength of light (755nm) and a specialised lens to convert laser energy into gentle pressure. This pressure squeezes cells, activating the natural cell signalling processes that create new collagen and elastin.

Here's sharing my downtime from PicoSure which faded away in about five days. I could resume normal activities post treatment but definitely did my best to minimise sun exposure for a week with a sun hat everywhere I went. Of course, applying sunblock daily before I left home to pick the children from school as well.
If you have a tattoo you'd like to remove, PicoSure can be your solution too!
It costs $590 per session.

TIP: If you are driving, blast the air-condition in your face for 15 minutes after the treatment to feel better. Otherwise, stay a little longer in the clinic to use their cold blower to ease the post treatment sting.

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By Liang May