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[Review] My Hiko Nose Thread Lift with Dr Rachel Ho at La Clinic


As medical aesthetics get more commonplace in our society, non-invasive aesthetic treatments have become all the rage as such procedures have shorter downtime with effective results. 


One of the newest and most popular medical aesthetics treatment in Singapore is the Hiko nose thread lift, which is known as the lunchtime nose job. The Hiko nose thread lift is a form of non-surgical rhinoplasty for a higher and sharper nose bridge and a more defined tip. I’ll be sharing my review of my Hiko nose thread lift experience with Dr Rachel Ho at La Clinic.

I visited Dr. Rachel Ho at La Clinic to find out more about the Hiko nose thread lift.


Over the years, I have done a few aesthetic procedures (I'm ok as long as it is not plastic surgery) to enhance my features so that I can be the best version of myself, and these include nose fillers done about 3 years ago to elevate my nose bridge.

Compared to nose fillers, the Hiko nose thread lift is a new advancement and is safer as there is no risk of blindness, tissue necrosis (due to blockage of blood vessels), and broadening of the nose bridge.  


Why I chose the Hiko nose thread lift over nose fillers

I wanted a higher, sharper, and slimmer nose after the results of my previous nose fillers had worn off. However, I am not ready for any nose surgery yet. There are two non-surgical treatments to achieve a slimmer and sharper nose – nose fillers and the Hiko nose thread lift.

At one glance, Dr Rachel Ho noticed that my nose bridge has broadened due to the sideway migration of the hyaluronic acid nose fillers I have done years ago at another clinic, even before I could tell her that I had nose fillers done.

The untrained eye wouldn't have noticed, but Dr Rachel Ho pointed out that the centre part of my nose bridge was slightly “fat-looking” due to the spreading of fillers into the area between the eyebrows and inner eye corners. I was glad to have Dr Rachel Ho as my doctor for my nose thread lift as she understood the nose and face anatomy very well.

Dr Rachel Ho recommended that I do the nose thread lift procedure instead of nose fillers to reshape the nose bridge and improve the profile of my nose caused by the spreading of the previous nose fillers. I took an anti-bruising and anti-swelling medication before starting the procedure to reduce any pain and swelling.


What is a Hiko nose thread lift?

The Hiko nose thread lift is an alternative to nose fillers for non-surgical enhancement of the nose bridge and tip. By inserting dissolvable threads, it can raise the nose bridge and tip for a sharper, higher, and slimmer nose. There is no downtime with the Hiko nose thread lift and the results are immediate.

The threads used for the Hiko nose thread lift are made of PDO (Polydioxanone). PDO threads have been used in sutures to close wounds in surgical operations and are dissolvable within months in the body and have been proven to be safe. The nose threads also stimulate new and natural collagen formation to keep the nose slim and sharp. The results of the Hiko nose thread lift can last between 1 to 1.5 years.


My Hiko nose thread lift treatment with Dr Rachel Ho

After assessing my nose, Dr Rachel Ho injected a local anaesthetic into my nose to numb the entire nose. Pain level: 3 out of 10


After my nose was numbed, Dr Rachel Ho used a small needle to create a tiny entry point at my nose tip. This was done for the nose threads to pass through my nose during the Hiko nose thread lift.


After that was done, Dr Rachel Ho then inserted the nose threads into my nose bridge and tip to give it more height and definition. Pain level: 5 out of 10


Throughout the procedure, Dr Rachel Ho was very gentle as she noticed that I was afraid of pain. She would stop for a few moments whenever she noticed my anxiety and also chatted with me about the things I like to blog about and the countries I visited to help take my mind off the discomfort.

Immediately after the treatment, I could feel the threads tugging inside my nose (thankfully the feeling went away after a short while) and Dr Rachel Ho advised me to be gentle with my nose for the next two days.


How long did the Hiko nose thread lift take?

The whole session with Dr Rachel Ho took about 30 to 45 minutes.


Pictures and results of my Hiko nose thread lift

Pictures that were taken BEFORE my Hiko nose thread lift


Pictures that were taken AFTER my Hiko nose thread lift


You can see that my nose bridge was immediately sharper and higher after the nose thread lift. There was a small needle mark at the nose tip where the entry point was created for the nose threads.

I was happy that my nose bridge does not look so “fat looking” as before. My nose is also higher and slimmer, and more natural-looking.


My recovery after the Hiko nose thread lift

I experienced slight soreness and bruises at the nose bridge that took around 4-5 days to go away after the Hiko nose thread lift.

The aftercare for my Hiko nose thread lift was very simple. Dr Rachel Ho prescribed an antibiotic cream to apply on my nose tip to prevent an infection. I was also prescribed anti-bruising and oral antibiotics.

I was able to return to work as normal the next day. I was also able to wear makeup the next day, except over the nose tip.


My thoughts on the Hiko nose thread lift 

My nose is sharper and higher in a natural and subtle way after doing the Hiko nose thread lift. I like the fact that Dr. Rachel Ho was very reassuring and gentle throughout the entire procedure and she could give me good advice on how to reshape my nose after my previous fillers had spread.


If you are intending to do a non-surgical nose enhancement to improve your nose profile, the Hiko nose thread lift is a better choice as it is safe, has minimal risks, downtime, and discomfort.

Dr. Rachel Ho has a detailed explanation and review of the Hiko nose thread lift. You can read her post "Hiko Nose Threadlift: All You Need to Know" to find out how the Hiko nose thread lift works.

If would like to have a consultation with Dr. Rachel Ho, you can contact her at La Clinic.


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By Vet Leow