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Ultherapy Review - the Youthful Appearance I've Been Looking For


Before I start my blog post on my Ultherapy results, let me just give you a quick update on my nose threadlift. On the first week of May, I visited Halley Medical Aesthetic for my nose threadlift review. If you haven’t read my post about my nose threadlift, you can read it here:

I met Dr Terence Tan for a review and highlighted a few concerns I had to him. He assured me that everything went well and there is nothing to worry about.


Ultherapy Review

While we were doing nose threadlift review, he took some photographs to check on my Ultherapy treatment as usual. To our surprise, we could see visible results of the Ultherapy treatment from the comparison of the before and after photographs.

If you remember, I did Ultherapy treatment with Halley Medical Aesthetics around 2 months back. In case you missed it, you can read the details about my Ultherapy treatment experience here:


I’ve shared on my post that the optimal results from Ultherapy treatment can be seen in about 3 months time. However during the recent review, Dr Terence Tan confirmed that my Ultherapy treatment has shown results already although it was only 2 months since I did the treatment. I didn’t expect the results to show so fast and I didn’t realize that my face shape had changed quite tremendously until I saw the photo comparisons.

Photo on the left: Before Ultherapy treatment
Middle photo: taken just before nose threadlift treatment (around 1 month after Ultherapy treatment)
Photo on the right: My recent photo (taken during this review, around 2 months after Ultherapy treatment).

Can you spot the differences? It is very obvious that before Ultherapy treatment, my face looked more chubby, saggy and I still had a squarish face. In the middle photo, you can see the progress, and that my face and my jawline are starting to look more V. And in the last photo, my face became more lifted, slimmer, and I have achieved a V-shaped face. My jawline looks so much softer and of course, I look younger as compared to before as Ultherapy has also added volume to my cheek area.

Don’t you think that I looked sad before my Ultherapy treatment and I look happier after? Maybe I’m happy that I look younger now!


Before-After Comparison

Front View

Look at the stark contrast. It is very obvious that I no longer look tired. I look more refreshed and youthful, and my face is more V now.

Side View Left

Side View Right

I’m really happy and pleased with the results of the Ultherapy treatment.

On top of giving me a more beautiful facial contour, Ultherapy also made my skin softer and more supple because of the collagen production it stimulated, giving me tighter and firmer skin with small pore size.

When I went for my regular facial, even the beautician told me that my skin is in a very good condition and some of my colleagues also commented that I’ve slimmed down.

All thanks to ULTHERAPY!!!

I am so grateful! Thank you, Dr. Terence Tan and Halley Medical Aesthetics for making me look much better than before. My confidence level was instantly boosted with the improved appearance.

I would recommend Ultherapy treatment if you are looking for non-surgical, non-invasive and no-downtime skin tightening treatment.


Treatment Cost

Ultherapy Full face and upper neck at Halley Medical Aesthetics = $3,200 (incl. GST)


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