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ULTRA V Hiko Nose Thread Lift with The Clifford Clinic


I’ve recently visited The Clifford Clinic for an Ultra V Hiko Nose Thread Lift. I deliberated about it after the initial consultation, but decided to try this to see how it would fare in comparison with my previous experiences with nose fillers.


How do nose thread lifts work?

PDO threads are inserted under the skin. Collagen production is stimulated in the nose area where the threads are inserted. By the time the nose threads are fully dissolved in approximately 4 months, the collagen produced is now in the place of the nose threads, supporting the shape of the nose, sustaining that elevated, contoured appearance which will last for about a year or more.


Why choose nose thread lifts over nose fillers?

Longer-lasting solution

Nose threads tend to create a sharper nose with enhanced height. Even after four months when the PDO threads are broken down naturally in the body, the height is retained. Compare this to nose fillers, which breaks down from a gel-like substance into water, over roughly nine months.

No risk of blindness and skin necrosis

Also, in the case of nose fillers, blindness, allergic reactions and skin necrosis are known risks. Blindness can occur when the fillers are injected accidentally into the blood vessel in the nose. These blood vessels are connected to the blood vessels in the eyes. These risks are low, but still there. When it comes to nose thread lifts, you can be assured that you run none of those risks.

Slimmer nose bridge

Hyaluronic acid fillers may spread to the side of the nose over time and create a more “bulky” and broadened appearance, which is honestly the exact opposite of what most people want when you think of doing an aesthetic procedure on your nose. For nose thread lifts, the nose bridge is more defined and appears much slimmer and sharper due to the way the threads act as a form of scaffolding, lifting the nose and creating a straighter nose profile and better definition.


What is the Ultra V Hiko Nose Thread Lift procedure like?

After numbing cream is applied, a local anaesthesia is injected on the nose bridge and tip.

Removal of numbing cream before the procedure


Injecting local anaesthesia into the nose tip and along the nose bridge


Disinfecting the area and keeping it clean to prevent infection


Once the nose is adequately numbed, entry points are made and PDO threads are inserted under the skin.

Entry points made for the PDO threads to be inserted into the nose


Surprisingly, I did not experience much pain during the procedure with Dr Gerard Ee. I would rate the pain level a 2/10. It’s very low on my pain scale. The only mild discomfort I felt was very short, each time there was a puncture made as an entry point for the threads. Still, it was extremely bearable. Dr Ee is very skilful and gentle during the procedure.

Inserting of the nose threads


I was advised to be careful with my nose area where the threads were inserted and not to apply make up or skincare for a couple of hours. Not a biggie for me. After that, I was able to go for my monthly facial and had no bruising too.


How was the results of the Ultra V Hiko Nose Thread Lift?

Reviewing the immediate effect of the nose thread lift


My nose bridge was immediately lifted. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by how much better my nose looked after the nose thread lift. I noticed this when I was taking selfies. I guess the PDO threads really helped create that sharp nasal tip on top of lifting my nasal ridge – so that’s why everything looks so refined.

Slimmer nose bridge (Left: Before, Right: After)


Straighter nose ridge, sharper nose tip (Left: Before, Right: After)


Not surprisingly, The Clifford Clinic is a really popular aesthetic clinic. When I was there for my consultation, my Ultra V Hiko Nose Thread Lift procedure and even during my review, I found it packed back-to-back with appointments.

Great results for the nose thread lift with Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic

I understand that the clinic is an established one that has a great track record of good, natural results with no complications when it comes to nose thread lifts.


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