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3 Hair Accessory Trends We Will Be Seeing This Year


I love dressing up, and that includes dressing up my hair with cute accessories too. 

Hair Accessory Trend 2020

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2020 will be a year of throwbacks with many older trends resurfacing, but reimagined in the 2020 way. While there are many dramatic accessories that we love from the runways, our everyday look requires something more subtle and wearable. Here are 3 wearable hair accessory trends for 2020 that you will be seeing everywhere. Get ready to jump onto the bandwagon yourself too!


1. Scrunchies

Do a search on the hashtag #scrunchiesareback and you will know that the huge 90s trend has revived. The uncool scrunchie that went missing for the past decade or more is now seen on the fashionistas attending the Fashion Week shows. They are easy to use and very comfortable, and hair styling with scrunchies wouldn't be an issue even if you have the clumsiest hands.

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2. Padded headbands

Prada debuted padded headbands in the Spring 2019 show, padded headbands gained traction and became the must-have hair accessory. They are easy to use yet dramatic enough to turn heads, and you can wear them with you hair up or down, straight or curled.

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3. Pearls

While pearls used to be seen as matronly, or something that only the senior ladies like to wear, pearl hair accessories came up big in 2019 and will continue right into 2020. Pearl adorned hair trinkets can be matched with something as simple as jeans and tee, or outfits as glam as an evening dress. 

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