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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Finger Tattoos


Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Jolin Tsai, and Bae Suzy are some of the celebrities that seemed to love finger tattoo. Finger tattoos are cute and sexy, and is a quirky way to express your individuality. 


Photo by Snapwire

Choose from bolder designs, or stick to tiny inks with simple lines. Finger tattoos are very versatile and you can either have them on the top for all to see, or tuck in between your fingers, or the underside of them if you prefer something low-key.

When I approached my tattoo artist to get a finger tattoo done last December, I ended up getting the intended design inked onto my forearm instead of my fingers after hearing her advice. Why is that so? Let me take you through everything that you need to know about finger tattoos before committing to one.


1. Finger tattoos fade easily

And this was the exact reason why I decided to place my tattoo on my forearm instead of my finger. The skin on your fingers are thin and we use our hands a lot, and that means that tattoos on our fingers are going to fade really easily. If you are looking at photos of finger tattoos online and see really sharp lines and rich colours, bear in mind that the photos may have been taken immediately after it was completed, and not after all the wear and tear.


2. It hurts

There is less fat and therefore less cushioning on your fingers, and getting inked there means that it may be a little bit more painful.


3. Colours and lines may not be perfect

Due to the nature of the skin on your fingers, the colours of the tattoo may not come off as very intense, and the lines may be not very sharp. Colours and lines may get fuzzy, and over time, fade.


4. Touch-ups are a must

If you want your finger tattoos to be in a tip-top condition, be prepared to go back to your tattoo artist for touch-ups since the inks fade easily.


5. Recoveries are more troublesome

We use our hands so much, and all the washing and cleaning will cause the tattoo recovery to be a little more troublesome.