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Hyuna Has Got New Piercings and They Are Certainly Not for Everyone


We have ventured out of just earlobes piercings to get one more ear stud on our helix, or even our tragus. However, Queen Hyuna just showed us what's new in the piercing trend — collarbone piercing.

Hyuna Collarbone Clavicle Piercing


Hyuna is known for her bold style choices and she surprised her fans with an Instagram photo to showcase her new collarbone piercings. She has one on the left and one of the right, sitting right below her collarbones, and the two subtle studs do look beautiful on her.

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A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on Jan 6, 2020 at 10:54pm PST


While her new piercings will definitely turn heads, it is definitely not for everyone. Collarbone piercing, or some call it clavicle piercing, is a relatively new procedure in the market. There are two types of collarbone piercings — surface collarbone piercing and dermal collarbone piercing.

For surface collarbone piercing, the piercer will need to create two holes, and insert a bar below the skin to connect the two studs on the surface. For Hyuna, she did the dermal collarbone piercing where the piercer only needs to create one hole for each stud. A small hole is created and an anchor is inserted into the middle layer of the skin. The anchor stays inside your skin, and the stud, or the jewellery, will be screwed into the post. Definitely feels like an "ouch" to me!

It may not be easy trying to find a piercer skilled enough for the job since this trend is pretty new. However, if you are really keen to get one, always remember to go to a reputable piercer to make sure that it is safe.