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Next Colour Trend for Your Makeup: Peach


The coral and peach makeup trend ain't exactly new in Asian makeup since the K-beauty hit us. It has been a few years since shades of coral and peach took over as a huge colour trend in Korea. 

Credit: Instagram 2dawn_ /christendomnique

However, with the launch of the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection and Kylie Cosmetics Peach Palette earlier this year, we saw many beauty bloggers and vloggers creating peach makeup looks and suddenly, everyone else is copying these looks -- not a bad thing!

Peach is a colour that is relatively versatile for most skin tones. If you are not too sure, you can pick a peachy shade that has got more pink in it. Besides the eye palettes, choose from the wide selection of orange and tangerine blush from the recent launches. If not, head on in to any of the Korean beauty shops and you can be sure to find some. Last but not least, bright orange lips are going strong too. However, remember to only play up either your eyes or your lips. Choose a shade that is closer to nude if you already have strong eye makeup. The reverse applies too.

Let's take a look at some of the peach makeup by some of the Instagram beauty stars.



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