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4 Steps To Healthier Lashes


Eye lash falls off every 45 to 60 days and takes up to 8 weeks to grow. To ensure continuity, proper care must be performed.


Mascaras, eye liners, lid tape and fake lashes— these are some of the common "stresses" our lashes have to withstand daily. Through these beautification processes, lashes are susceptible to wear and tear, or even damages to the hair follicles. The repetitive action of removing fake lashes, rubbing the lids, removing eye make-up and crimping with lash curler increase the chances of losing them. Like how you would take great care of your tresses and skin, lash demands the right attention too. Here are the 4 basic steps towards a set of healthier flutter!

Diet rules!

We know a balanced diet can contribute to healthy hair growth, this applies to our lashes too. A diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, nuts and seeds offers us nutrients and vitamins. If you are not able to achieve a well-planned diet, try supplements such as vitamin A, B and E as they are essential for hair growth. Omega 3 is also crucial for hair and nail growth. This type of fats nourishes the body and promotes better health for your locks. Salmon is also consider as one of most important "hair food" as it contains abundance of Omega 3.


Try Omega 3 from Perricone MD Nutriceuticals ($64 for 270 soft gels). Derived from wild sockeye salmon, the purest and most powerful source, it is also able to elevate mood and support healthy weight loss while improving skin condition. Sufficient sleep works in tandem with a balanced diet. Going to bed at the right timing is the trick. The best time to hit the sack is from 11pm to 1am. This is the time when you body undergoes a regenerative process.

Proper Removal Of Eye Make-Up

For regular make-up users, this step should be ensured by end of the day. Products such as mascara and liquid eye liner dry the lashes and cause brittleness. If products are left, they will weaken and break the lashes. Removing your make-up nightly enables new growth and reduces the chances of infection. Oil-based remover is able to dissolve make-up products(most of them are oil-based too) thoroughly and does not dry up the skin.


Try Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip($14.90). It contains hyaluronic acid which moisturises the eye area.

Apply Lash Serum

There are a handful of lash serums in the market that promise speedy growth. They contain vitamin E, castor oil or olive extracts that help to improve the condition of your lashes. These remedies do not guarantee your results as every woman has different condition. But nourishing your lashes with the much-needed nutrients is something you can do daily.

Brush your lashes

Like our hair, brushing them regularly stimulates the growth. Either use a lash comb or recycle one of your mascaras to do the job.


Soak the mascara brush in warm water for a couple of minutes to loosen the residue. Pat dry the brush and rub gently with eye make-up remover to clean thoroughly. Rinse it under running water and repeat the cleansing step if necessary. Air dry it before storing. Do not use the original tube to store the brush. It is tricky to remove and clean the tube completely. Rest the washed mascara brush in a shot glass like container like how you would store your make-up brushes.