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All Round Sun Protection For Eyes


Can sunscreen be the sole guardian for our eyes against UV rays? We think there are more to do than slathering the cream.

The sun produces many different types of lights and each can contributes to a different level of damages. The delicate skin around our eyes is prone to UV damages. Apart from wrinkles and weakened skin structure, other lurking dangers include macular degeneration, skin cancer around the eyelids, cataract and photokeratitis. We highlight the 3 key steps to a sound eye protection plan.

Use a dedicated sunscreen

Most of us are familiar regular sunscreens that serve as our daily means of protection. But this genre of products is not suitable to be applied around the eye area. The skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner and it requires a different level of protection. Furthermore, regular sunscreens are not tested around the eye area. They might contain harsh chemicals that are irritating to the eyes. Certain ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide are also drying to the delicate skin. Sunscreens have heavy texture, which might irritate the sensitive skin.


Always choose a dedicated eye sunscreen to protect them. We recommend Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF32/PA+++($44).

Wear a pair of shades that protects

Sunglasses can be your first line of protection but not all of them are adequate. When you’re shopping for sunglasses, keep a lookout for the following information:

  • the 'CE Mark' and British Standard (BS EN 1836:1997)
  • a UV 400 label
  • a statement that the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection

The above ensure first level of filtering of UV rays before they hit your eye area. With another level of sunscreen, you will be rest assured that you have done your best to reduce any damages. Other than the lenses capability, the design of the shades plays an important role as well. Think about the sides of your eyes, and consider sunglasses with wide or wraparound arms.

Post-care routine

Apart from the UV rays that can cause premature ageing, excessive sun exposure can cause dehydration around the eye area, which leads to fine lines. Use an eye gel or cream to soothe the irritated skin. Fridge the eye product for two hours. Apply generously around the eye area. Avoid using heavy eye cream that will congest the glands. If your eye area is sensitive, wipe off the excess eye product after 10 minutes. We recommend Dermalogica Age Smart Age Reversal Eye Complex($150). It contains pure vitamin A(0.1%) to reverse the UV damage and trigger epidermal cell proliferation. Cell renewal and collagen production is speed up and skin appears to be fuller.


If your eye area is naturally dry, avoid using regular cleanser. We recommend Cetaphil cleanser. It does not strip off moisture from the skin. Refrain from excessive alcohol and smoking too.