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Best “Banging” Beauty Tips for Bangs


When it comes to cutting bangs, beauty tips are always in order. Everyone’s hair is slightly different. What works wonderfully for one person may completely backfire on another.

As a result, the traditional approach to hairstyle imitation (show up with a pic) may not work when it comes to your bangs. Instead, factor in your wants with what your hair can handle.

Bangs are a great way to change your look up fast without major loss of inches. Just make sure you factor in these beauty tips for bangs before you plunge headfirst (literally!) into a hair disaster.

Bangs Beauty Tip #1: Consider your hair texture Different bangs work best for different types of hair. If your hair is straight, then you pretty much can have your pick. However, curly hair can tighten up into unruly spirals when it is short. This is because it does not have as much weight pulling down the ends once you cut it.

If you have curly hair then longer, layered bangs will probably be the best option for you.

Bangs Beauty Tip #2: Factor in your forehead If you are prone to breakouts on your forehead then think twice about getting bangs. The extra styling can irritate your skin further. Just having that hair constantly brushing against that area – and the fact that you will probably touch them more – can result in major forehead issues. On the other hand, they do make a greate cover-up.

Bangs Beauty Tip #3: Take time into consideration Bangs require extra styling. If you are a wash-and-go type of girl, then remember you are going to have to dry your bangs at the very least. They may also require flat ironing or curling to get them looking right. If you rush in the mornings, then cut your bangs long enough that you can still pull them back with a scarf in a time crunch.


The right bangs can make you look younger and sexier immediately. It is kind of like an instant makeover. Use the beauty tips for bangs to insure that you get the best “banging” look for you.

Check out these suggestions for styling great bangs:

Clip-in bangs
No one does fake hair like Jessica Simpson. Think what you may about her, the girl knows how to make good, temporary locks look real. Add these for a day, then pull them off before bed. The fastest makeover ever, and you don’t even have to get out the scissors.

Farouk Pink CHI Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Professional Ceramic Hairstyling Iron
My hair stylist told me that my flat iron was causing my hair to frizz and my bangs to wave instead of fall straight. I totally didn’t believe her. However, I couldn’t pass up this pink iron, and — hate to admit it — she was right. That extra 20 dollars for ceramic really does make a difference.

Pureology Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
(max order 2 sets)
This stuff costs nearly twice this much at my salon. Don’t know how long it will be in stock at this price. Treat your entire head of hair to a deep conditioning experience in your own shower.

The Four Most Common Haircuts Anyone Can Master
I don’t have the nerve to do it, but I love this book. Take your hairstyle literally into your own hands.

This article was contributed by Carrie Ellis.