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Bring Light To Your Skin, Pronto!


Are you losing steam with whitening products that don't deliver promised results? Try these cheat tricks to bring light to your skin, instantly.

Waking up to dull skin is as bad as a morning kiss with bad breath. After a night of restful sleep, we should look like a million bucks— rosy cheeks and bright complexion. If this is not the sight you see in the mirror, don't waste any second crying over spilled milk. In another hour or so, you need to dash out of the house and get yourself seated at an important meeting. There are only two quick fixes—fake a MC or listen to us. If you choose the later (smart gal!), follow this 3-step instant recovery routine for luminosity that captivating even your boss would forget about the meeting agenda. Yes, its test and tried!

Step 1: Peel fresh

Skip your regular cleanser and dive straight into a peeling exfoliator. Regular exfoliators contain granules in different sizes to remove dead cells. Over long period of usage, they might cause micro-abrasion on the skin surface. Women with sensitive skin also find such exfoliators a tad too harsh. On the other hand, the new generation of exfoliators are mildly acidic and less abrasive. The cream-like texture is more soothing on skin and most of them are able to revive skin's natural luminosity with just one wash. They work by coagulating dead cells into curded grime after rubbing. Recommended to use after normal cleansing twice to thrice a week.

One of our favourite, Ettusais Peeling Milk ($26), is a mildly acidic wash that contains plant-derived fibre to "catch" and remove dead cells. The slightly runny texture doesn't curd fast (which means you have more time to work on your skin and brush your teeth at the same time) and a little goes a long way. The abyssal clay absorbs and removes excess sebum while peony extract and trehalose act as moisturising agents to soften the surface. Expect a brighter complexion with just one wash.

Other peeling exfoliators to consider

  • Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel ($42)

Mild exfoliating gel with berries essence to remove dead skin cells.

  • Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel ($16.80)

Regulate sebum secretion and enhance absorption of skincare products. Wallet friendly pricing.

  • Cure Exfoliator ($42)

The Japanese gel exfoliator avoids the usage of harsh chemicals. It removes dead skin cells by reacting to the skin proteins.

Step 2: Mask it

If you have to visit the loo in the morning, make every second counts. Don't just sit there!

Your skin absorbs nutrients better after a round of exfoliating. Wear a brightening mask to pamper your lacklustre complexion. This will prepare your skin for the make-up and boost the radiance level within minutes. Remember to rinse your face after this step. The residue makes your face looks a tad too shiny, not luminous.

Newly launched in Singapore, Coast to Coast is an Australian skincare brand that harnesses the goodness of indigenous plants essences. The Outback Brightening Fruit Fibre Facial Treatment Mask ($56 for a pack of 4) is infused with powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins to restore elasticity and re-balance uneven skin tone. Before rinsing, massage the excess serum into your skin.

Other brightening mask to consider

  • Aqualabel Reset White Mask ($24.80 for a pack of four)

Contains m-tranexamic acid and double hyaluronic acid to hydrate and brighten.

  • LÓccitane Immortelle Brightening Mask ($122)

Cream mask with infused with brightening agents to improve micro-circulation.

Step 3: Lotion solution

Facial lotions are becoming increasingly important in our daily skincare regime. Not only they prep the skin for the serum, they are also more readily absorbed. In our humid climate, slathering cream in the morning isn't the best method to wake your skin up. Try applying whitening facial lotion with a cotton wool pad. Do not swipe across the face. Instead, use a dapping motion to gently press into the skin.

The newly introduced SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion is a quick fix for morning dullness. The light lotion has a smooth texture that allows easy application. It promised to deliver brightening and hydrating results equivalent to a 15-minute mask treatment.

Other brightening lotion to consider

  • Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener Enriched W

Comforting lotion with a rich texture. Suitable for dry skin.

  • Biotherm White D-Tox Translu.Cell neo-clarifying renovating lotion ($62)

The moisturising lotion contains phyto-plum extract to reduce the melanin transfer. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Refining Beauty Lotion ($88)

The oil-free lotion refines pores and skin texture. Suitable for oily skin.

  • Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Moisture Lotion ($75)

Light lotion with a velvety after-feel. Suitable for combination skin.