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12 Quick and Easy Hairstyles by Heizle


I'm looking at you, girl! Yes, the one who is clueless on what to do to her hair, and the lazy AF sweetie. 

Quick and Easy Hairstyles Korean

Credit: Youtube Heizle

You completed your makeup and put on your most stylish outfit, but something is still missing. Please do not step out of the house without adding some simple touches to your hair because hair, makeup, and outfit is really one whole package, and you lose style points without one or the other.

Just when you think that styling your hair is something that requires you to tangle your arms and your fingers, you couldn't be more wrong. Korean beauty Youtuber Heizle showed us 12 quick and easy hairstyles that you can create in 5, maximum 10 minutes. Watch the video to learn how to recreate her styles effortlessly!