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4 Easy Ways to Style Your Bob


We were just talking about how the bob is becoming the hottest hairstyle in 2017, and it may just be the right time for you to go for the cut if the idea has been on your mind for the longest time.

Credit: Youtube Oriii

Many said that we can't really do much styling for short hair and but this is so untrue because we CAN. Shanghainese Youtuber, Oriii, showed us how we can style our bob hairdos in 4 different ways. She sports a bob with the korean see-through bangs. But from how we see it, you can try her styling methods regardless of whether you are having bangs or a long flowy fringe.

Sad to say, the video doesn't come with English subtitles, but it is still easy to follow even for those of you who can't understand Mandarin. Watch the video below to pick up some bob styling tips from Oriii.