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Fresh-Faced Makeup to Meet Your S.O's Parents


Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you are going to be seeing a lot of each other's family. To avoid getting awkward glances from his parents, or even those aunties and having them ask you oh so many questions on our favourite Kylie inspired makeup, we suggest that you go for something more natural these few days.

We don't mean that you should go around makeup-less because that is totally rude (and we know you won't want to). Avoid the heavy eye makeup and go for something lighter, and instead of your go-to bold lipstick, you may want to swap it for a natural pink or coral. 

Youtuber IAMKARENO did a fresh-faced makeup tutorial that we thought is the perfect makeup look if for the CNY season. Check out how you can recreate her fresh-faced makeup in the video below.


Images credit: Youtube IAMKARENO