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How to Style: Voluminous Hair with Big, Bouncy Curls


Do you look at those ladies with voluminous hair and beautiful bouncy curls and start blaming your genes for your limp and flat hair? Trust me, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes for them to perfect the look.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle and a good hair care routine is the foundation for beautiful hair. But with the help of some styling tools, you can also achieve voluminous hair with big bouncy curls for that ultra feminine and sexy look.

Watch how Korean beauty Youtuber Aori (아옳이) uses just a few styling tools and the right techniques to achieve her everyday bouncy curls. We especially love how she works on one extra step to create a fuller crown! Learn how to style your hair the right way by watching her video below. Unfortunately, the video is in Korean and there are no English subtitles available. But don't worry, just watch how Aori does it, and you know what, beauty transcends languages!